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How To Spell preen?

Correct spelling: preen

Definition of preen:

  1. clean with one's bill, of birds

List of misspellings for preen:

  • reena,
  • prewiew,
  • paresean,
  • peraon,
  • rereun,
  • pretey,
  • perona,
  • pareent,
  • perten,
  • perreniel,
  • priner,
  • premuin,
  • parrent,
  • perelli,
  • keren,
  • norren,
  • preence,
  • piegeon,
  • creen,
  • pequeno,
  • proetien,
  • priven,
  • paren,
  • perana,
  • paraben,
  • pooven,
  • mureen,
  • prion,
  • wareen,
  • prerson,
  • paretn,
  • coreen,
  • persen,
  • neopreen,
  • preeme,
  • prpane,
  • proein,
  • premee,
  • parernt,
  • pateren,
  • prioven,
  • pretine,
  • euporean,
  • prepone,
  • preson,
  • pring,
  • dreen,
  • prenup,
  • pretein,
  • fpreign,
  • pressin,
  • presene,
  • preety,
  • pryun,
  • pereson,
  • poven,
  • prme,
  • prent,
  • porven,
  • preser,
  • preare,
  • sreen,
  • prenoun,
  • prvoen,
  • pureee,
  • pressene,
  • preech,
  • prahan,
  • prtener,
  • prience,
  • premiun,
  • prescene,
  • prtein,
  • presion,
  • moreen,
  • greena,
  • reoepn,
  • pauleen,
  • prego,
  • poorere,
  • freen,
  • peroanl,
  • pree,
  • prooven,
  • preven,
  • parenet,
  • prown,
  • pretten,
  • shreen,
  • proin,
  • persn,
  • porelin,
  • percen,
  • wereno,
  • preten,
  • preant,
  • prevew,
  • breen,
  • paerent,
  • prine.

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This graph shows how "preen" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for preen:

  1. For many of us, sport has provided the continuity in our lives, the alternative family to the one we left behind. It gives us something to talk about, to preen about, to care about.

Rhymes for preen:

  1. queen, mien, freen, jeanne, spleen, deen, keane, wien, plein, lean, seen, meine, haen, keene, steen, greene, jeane, leen, sheen, nene, lien, lene, mean, treen, teen, clean, dean, wean, green, kean, breen, frean, deane, glean, keen, gene, cian, mclean, jean, scene, gean, skene, screen, bean, wein;
  2. slovene, ameen, jeanine, thirteen, nineteen, canteen, charlene, sardine, maxine, racine, maureen, marleen, vaccine, wileen, justine, sabine, martine, arleen, jolene, myrlene, irene, sharleen, machine, baleen, charline, saline, moreen, corinne, levine, aldin, philene, chretien, foreseen, serene, lurleen, caffeine, laureen, colleen, charleen, cathleen, fifteen, marcin, between, christine, kathleen, eighteen, agin, francine, cuisine, latrine, deneen, marleene, coleen, unseen, nadine, eileen, aleen, marine, sarene, preteen, seguin, convene, moline, clymene, fourteen, georgine, laurene, amin, kristine, medin, crimean, unclean, aileen, carleen, demean, ravine, feldene, onscreen, sunscreen, claudine, ardeen, helene, selene, obscene, citrine, sistine, noreen, lamine, doreen, pauline, joaquin, benzene, ireene, salin, janine, lorene, eugene, alene, killeen, sixteen, celine, umpteen, casein, shirleen, careen;
  3. bernadine, intervene, gelatine, submarine, wolverine, valentin, halloween, tangerine, unforeseen, tambourine, reconvene, smithereen, geraldine, madelene, trampoline, augustin, hallowe'en, figurine, benyamin, propylene, seventeen;
  4. mujahedeen, aquamarine, mujahideen;

Translations for preen:

Afrikaans word for Preen

hom mooi.

Chinese word for Preen


French word for Preen

se pomponner.

German word for Preen


Greek word for Preen

καθαρίζω με το ράμφος.

Hindi word for Preen

ख़ुदपसंद होना.

Italian word for Preen

lisciare col becco.

Japanese word for Preen


Javanese word for Preen


Korean word for Preen

깃을 고르다.

Marathi word for Preen

पूर्वचरण करणे.

Polish word for Preen


Russian word for Preen


Tamil word for Preen

அலனில் இறகுகளை ஒழுங்குபடுத்து.

Turkish word for Preen

tüylerini düzeltmek.

Ukrainian word for Preen


Vietnamese word for Preen

rỉa lông.