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How To Spell premises?

Correct spelling: premises

Definition of premises:

  1. land and buildings together considered as a place of business; "bread is baked on the premises"

List of misspellings for premises:

  • promissary,
  • premsies,
  • pemises,
  • presumsuous,
  • prommises,
  • promiseyou,
  • promisquess,
  • promiseary,
  • promisese,
  • promiscuos,
  • pharamacies,
  • pressies,
  • premisises,
  • prommiss,
  • promisess,
  • prmised,
  • premisise,
  • promeses,
  • premeises,
  • premisses,
  • promisies,
  • premius,
  • premersis,
  • premesces,
  • preccess,
  • promoises,
  • prommisory,
  • pyrmides,
  • precises,
  • premesis,
  • preimiums,
  • premimums,
  • promaise,
  • promissry,
  • premuiums,
  • premiuims,
  • promiseth,
  • premense,
  • promisises,
  • primises,
  • promisisng,
  • premiems,
  • promoses,
  • pormises,
  • mremises,
  • promuses,
  • premisiss,
  • premisus,
  • premeires,
  • pyrolisis,
  • prommissory,
  • promiss,
  • premisis,
  • premisies,
  • promisssory,
  • promiesis,
  • premses,
  • promissed,
  • promiscious,
  • promisis,
  • pharamcies,
  • premiscuous,
  • supremisits,
  • predisesor,
  • predicesor,
  • promissi,
  • predisessor,
  • prommisses,
  • permises,
  • promisses,
  • prominse,
  • premeiums,
  • primiums,
  • promisuous,
  • promses,
  • promites,
  • premuims,
  • promiscous,
  • promessery,
  • prommissed,
  • presices,
  • premis,
  • promesis,
  • supremisist,
  • provises,
  • premissis,
  • prmeises,
  • premisess,
  • premiscous,
  • premmises,
  • grimises,
  • premiscus,
  • promisory,
  • perrmisson,
  • preimums,
  • premsie,
  • premies,
  • promisorry,
  • promesses,
  • peremiters.

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Translations for premises:

Afrikaans word for Premises


Arabic word for Premises

الـمَبْنَى وَالأَرَاضِي التَّابِعَه لَهُ.

Bengali word for Premises


Dutch word for Premises


French words for Premises

installations, locaux, local, lieux, bureaux, bâtiments, prémisses, immeubles.

German words for Premises

laden, Voraussetzungen, Räumlichkeiten, Gelände, Grundstück, Geschäftsräume, Lokal, Gebäude, Betriebsgelände, Firmengelände, Prämissen, Anwesen, Lokale, Räume, Geschäftslokal, Geschäftslokale, Hausgrundstück, Haus nebst Nebengebäuden.

Greek word for Premises

στεγασμένος χώρος.

Italian word for Premises


Japanese word for Premises


Javanese word for Premises


Malay word for Premises


Norwegian word for Premises


Polish words for Premises

siedziba, pomieszczenia.

Portuguese words for Premises

sede, estabelecimento, loja, lojas, locais.

Romanian word for Premises


Russian word for Premises

здание и прилегающая территория.

Spanish words for Premises

instalaciones, edificio, oficinas, recinto, finca, establecimiento, lugares, edificios, premisas, dependencias, recintos, terrenos, presupuestos, supuestos.

Swedish word for Premises


Turkish word for Premises


Ukrainian word for Premises


Vietnamese word for Premises

khuôn viên.