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How To Spell preparation?

Correct spelling: preparation

What are the misspellings for preparation ?

  • proprosition,
  • preperations,
  • perparation,
  • proprtion,
  • premaritial,
  • propegation,
  • coraporation,
  • preporations,
  • preperatioin,
  • peroperational,
  • preaprtion,
  • prepetuation,
  • preparaation,
  • prepareing,
  • prepraring,
  • preparationg,
  • coropiration,
  • minipreparation,
  • probration,
  • prepertion,
  • preparin,
  • preaprtions,
  • proprioception,
  • properation,
  • prepararion,
  • prparation,
  • coropration,
  • perperation,
  • prportion,
  • persperaiton,
  • recaration,
  • prepartation,
  • preperation,
  • preparion,
  • preparetions,
  • proporatant,
  • miniprparation,
  • preparatioin,
  • prepetration,
  • probabation,
  • buproprion,
  • preparecion,
  • precipatation,
  • repuration,
  • preparartion,
  • coroparation,
  • preprations,
  • proprations,
  • preparaton,
  • coprporation,
  • prepareation,
  • paraprashing,
  • reperation,
  • programation,
  • prpearation,
  • preparetion,
  • prepraration,
  • prepreation,
  • prepapration,
  • persperation,
  • preparationn,
  • prepartion,
  • preparaing,
  • prearation,
  • repiration,
  • preparatio,
  • paraphrashing,
  • preaprations,
  • praparations,
  • preparaion,
  • prperation,
  • reoperation,
  • drpression,
  • prepration,
  • preparition,
  • prepeation,
  • prepation,
  • propertion,
  • preporation,
  • propergation,
  • peparation,
  • presciprtion,
  • prepararing,
  • preperaton,
  • prepaation,
  • prepartaion,
  • prentration,
  • preprtion,
  • prepreations,
  • pereparation,
  • perspration,
  • preseparation,
  • preaparation,
  • perspiratio,
  • raparation,
  • presperation,
  • prreperstion,
  • perceprtion,
  • prepearation,
  • preperating.

What is the definition of preparation?

  1. (music) a note that produces a dissonant chord is first heard in a consonant chord; "the resolution of one dissonance is often the preparation for another disonance"

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What are the quotes for preparation?

  1. When you go out onto the stage, all the preparation has to be forced into your subconscious. For the moment of the performance, we all have to return to a new level of unconsciousness. All the reflection and all the doubts have to be laid aside before you start.
  2. Document preparation systems will also require large screen displays.
  3. I turned down a scholarship to Yale. The problem with college is that there's a tendency to mistake preparation for productivity. You can prepare all you want, but if you never roll the dice you'll never be successful.
  4. You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow.
  5. The Australian tour was good for us; it was ideal preparation for us.

What are the rhymes for preparation?

  1. continuation, ordination, demobilization, misappropriation, combination, navigation, evaluation, inundation, variation, elongation, dehydration, alteration, invocation, nullification, protestation, approximation, infestation, irrigation, vaporization, situation, condensation, maximization, assassination, replication, demarcation, depredation, vindication, dissociation, inhalation, overvaluation, recrimination, confrontation, ramification, starvation, deportation, deviation, domestication, redecoration, irradiation, desperation, cultivation, confirmation, facilitation, ventilation, precipitation, deceleration, damnation, consolation, decontamination, dalmatian, gyration, fibrillation, gasification, decoration, degeneration, documentation, emanation, communication, expatriation, relaxation, separation, application, equitation, invitation, consolidation, palpitation, computation, sensation, presentation, rationalization, graduation, miscommunication, personalization, reaffirmation, proration, rehydration, industrialization, reforestation, dislocation, bifurcation, formation, restoration, reinterpretation, liberation, avocation, reputation, electrification, federation, embarkation, decertification, exhumation, perspiration, fortification, recitation, elaboration, regulation, conversation, explanation, detonation, recommendation, generation, specialization, gestation, desiccation, correlation, detoxification, incrustation, immigration, elevation, lactation, retardation, vulgarization, transportation, purification, stagnation, suburbanization, resignation, edification, magnetization, articulation, categorization, meditation, dissemination, incapacitation, inclination, complication, croatian, disqualification, authentication, incantation, malformation, evacuation, corp, contamination, procreation, evocation, deregulation, deforestation, balkanization, sarmatian, reclassification, perforation, aspiration, adjudication, pontification, pacification, denomination, annotation, overpopulation, dissertation, reconsideration, mediation, generalization, negation, privation, gradation, filtration, amputation, exploration, incrimination, deflation, fumigation, infatuation, alleviation, dilatation, corroboration, appreciation, liberalization, summation, amortization, tabulation, gratification, differentiation, compensation, vilification, socialization, confederation, criminalization, automation, obligation, installation, suffocation, calculation, allegation, miniaturization, gentrification, argumentation, pasteurization, migration, creation, affectation, qualification, emigration, escalation, registration, narration, expropriation, congratulation, sedimentation, reauthorization, illustration, certification, notation, inflation, deformation, dramatization, usurpation, misidentification, emancipation, nucleation, foundation, misinformation, modulation, insemination, violation, miscreation, recertification, deliberation, experimentation, validation, oscillation, classification, corporation, excavation, conservation, exasperation, destabilization, proliferation, imitation, misrepresentation, affirmation, glaciation, frustration, incoordination, saponification, evaporation, hallucination, unification, localization, disintegration, celebration, demodulation, communization, capitulation, insulation, consternation, glorification, hybridization, adaptation, divination, sequestration, examination, duplication, investigation, expiration, desalination, preoccupation, reclamation, estimation, consummation, reconfirmation, globalization, manipulation, respiration, fragmentation, authorization, stipulation, pollination, convocation, urbanization, motivation, procrastination, deification, maturation, appellation, disputation, confabulation, aggravation, alienation, humiliation, legislation, imagination, visualization, incarnation, segregation, delegation, desegregation, simulation, relation, cancellation, transplantation, inflammation, dictation, prognostication, confiscation, designation, constellation, vacillation, intensification, immunization, mobilization, utilization, connotation, indoctrination, advocation, intimation, indentation, renomination, reverberation, incorporation, fermentation, undervaluation, animation, observation, coordination, liquidation, disinformation, cogitation, exacerbation, excommunication, simplification, demonization, desalinization, specification, calibration, characterization, recreation, victimization, remuneration, agglomeration, discontinuation, ornamentation, emulation, annihilation, distillation, insubordination, adulation, ovation, perpetuation, russification, valuation, amalgamation, elimination, telecommunication, assimilation, strangulation, denationalization, nomination, disinflation, renunciation, ostentation, prostration, exaggeration, aviation, exhilaration, sterilization, naturalization, enumeration, nationalization, marginalization, orientation, degradation, syndication, translation, arbitration, coloration, permutation, backwardation, identification, laceration, duration, allocation, proclamation, punctuation, mutilation, vegetation, revelation, decapitation, demonstration, segmentation, augmentation, tribulation, occupation, westernization, consultation, altercation, ligation, repudiation, intimidation, operation, legalization, personification, rededication, revaluation, gastrulation, irritation, sanctification, compilation, collectivization, anticipation, remediation, revocation, publication, speculation, popularization, renegotiation, commendation, rumination, organization, habitation, ministration, devaluation, recantation, importation, approbation, regimentation, ovulation, disorientation, transformation, pressurization, radiation, reconfiguration, extrapolation, constipation, horatian, affrication, pigmentation, invalidation, democratization, clarification, salvation, formulation, rehabilitation, fixation, integration, sophistication, mummification, location, libration, figuration, masturbation, optimization, concentration, menstruation, donation, reconciliation, conflagration, infiltration, fabrication, preservation, sanitation, discrimination, inactivation, elation, negotiation, expectation, desolation, reservation, toleration, subluxation, implication, demoralization, depravation, termination, inhabitation, stimulation, prefabrication, annexation, securitization, regeneration, education, repatriation, collaboration, relocation, origination, indication, privatisation, consideration, crustacean, hyperinflation, inauguration, dissipation, rotation, nonproliferation, exfoliation, stabilization, trepidation, cohabitation, vocation, implantation, recuperation, reformation, ratification, appropriation, exoneration, moderation, fluctuation, hydration, granulation, devastation, manifestation, instigation, disembarkation, pronunciation, privatization, flirtation, improvisation, discoloration, equivocation, fertilization, quantification, realization, titillation, innovation, rejuvenation, organisation, exclamation, revitalization, quotation, appalachian, profanation, retaliation, christianization, mutation, hibernation, culmination, depopulation, machination, destination, insinuation, falsification, vaccination, modernization, inoculation, conglomeration, harmonization, centralization, affiliation, indexation, perturbation, reunification, admiration, condemnation, exploitation, ossification, deprivation, pagination, impersonation, reaffiliation, implementation, mechanization, visitation, renovation, dehumanization, population, resuscitation, refrigeration, recalculation, concatenation, domination, propagation, standardization, denunciation, levitation, dilation, defamation, exhortation, exhalation, intonation, molestation, premeditation, hydrogenation, cremation, unionization, stalinization, desecration, commercialization, reexamination, congregation, foliation, civilization, monopolization, neutralization, limitation, subsidization, litigation, obfuscation, misinterpretation, ionization, oration, lubrication, substantiation, participation, interrogation, reiteration, excitation, impregnation, normalization, gravitation, declaration, information, taxation, modification, germination, nitration, stagflation, provocation, fluoridation, ejaculation, rectification, accumulation, hospitalization, verification, notification, indignation, adoration, reallocation, justification, optation, derivation, reincarnation, commemoration, magnification, intoxication, interpretation, subordination, saturation, decentralization, flotation, agitation, representation, orchestration, dedication, initiation, probation, amelioration, instrumentation, refutation, association, extermination, fascination, incarceration, jubilation, determination, miscalculation, transillumination, predestination, reinvigoration, polarization, echolocation, inspiration, conciliation, reevaluation, mineralization, reorganization, multiplication, triangulation, diversification, computerization, imputation, configuration, miseration, cooperation, isolation, explication, depreciation, oxidation, codification, solicitation, coronation, politicization, contemplation, coagulation, indemnification, vacation, nondiscrimination, medication, amplification, equalization, consecration, temptation, conjugation, incubation, reflation, vibration, misapplication, sedation, mitigation, delineation, reparation, self-congratulation, dispensation, eradication, disinclination, plantation, illumination, hesitation, disorganization, colonization;
  2. haitian, ration, station, nation;
  3. cessation, causation, cetacean, citation, carnation, castration, alsatian;
  4. abdication, activation, accusation, abrogation, acclimation, aberration;
  5. abomination, accommodation, abbreviation, acceleration, accreditation;
  6. acidification, capitalization, cannibalization, alphabetization;
  7. americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

What are the translations for preparation?

Arabic word for Preparation


Bengali word for Preparation


Dutch words for Preparation

voorbereiding, bereiding, preparaat, toebereiding.

French words for Preparation

préparation, préparatif, préparatifs.

German words for Preparation

Bereitstellung, Darstellung, Ausarbeitung, Erarbeitung, Erstellung, Herstellung, Vorbereitung, Zubereitung, Aufbereitung, Gewinnung, Anfertigung, Präparation, Bereitung, Herrichtung.

Hindi word for Preparation


Italian word for Preparation


Japanese words for Preparation

準備, 用意, 調製, 備え, 製剤, 設け, 下調べ, プレパラート, そなえ, 下拵え, 下ごしらえ, 調合剤, ちょうせい, 布石, ふくせん, したて, ととのえ, こころづもり, こころぐみ, 心積もり, ぜんだて, したく, 下稽古, 調進, したしらべ, ちょうしん, おぜんだて, 膳立て, 御膳立て, 心組み, 仕度, したごしらえ, 伏線, したげいこ, 仕立て, お膳立て, せいざい, 心積り, ようい, 心組, 心づもり.

Malay word for Preparation


Marathi word for Preparation


Norwegian word for Preparation


Polish words for Preparation

przygotowanie, sporządzenie, opracowywanie, preparat.

Spanish words for Preparation

arreglo, deberes, preparado, preparativos, preparativo.

Swedish word for Preparation


Tamil word for Preparation


Vietnamese word for Preparation

sự chuẩn bị.