How To Spell prepare?

Correct spelling: prepare

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What does the abbreviation prepare mean?

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What are the translations for prepare?

Afrikaans word for Prepare

voor te berei.

Arabic word for Prepare


Bengali word for Prepare

প্রস্তুত করা.

Dutch words for Prepare

maken, bestuderen, bereiden, voorbereiden, zich voorbereiden, klaarmaken, gereedmaken, klaarzetten, prepareren, zich klaarmaken, voorbereidingen treffen.

French words for Prepare

planifier, former, organiser, dresser, prédisposer.

German words for Prepare

erstellen, darstellen, aufstellen, ansetzen, herstellen, vorbereiten, ausarbeiten, aufbereiten, veranstalten, zurichten, sich vorbereiten, zubereiten, anfertigen, herrichten, bereiten, präparieren, vorarbeiten, zurechtmachen.

Italian word for Prepare


Japanese words for Prepare

装る, よそる, 捌く.

Javanese word for Prepare


Korean word for Prepare


Malay word for Prepare


Norwegian word for Prepare


Polish words for Prepare

przygotować, przygotowywać się, przygotowywać.

Portuguese word for Prepare


Russian words for Prepare

подготовить, приготовить, готовить(ся).

Spanish words for Prepare

redactar, elaborar, organizar, preparar, idear, prepararse, cocinar, aprestarse, disponerse.

Swedish word for Prepare


Tamil word for Prepare


Ukrainian word for Prepare

приготувати (ся).