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How To Spell prerequisite?

Correct spelling: prerequisite

What are the common mistypes for prerequisite ?

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  • prerequjsite.

What is the definition of prerequisite?

  1. something that is required in advance; "Latin was a prerequisite for admission"

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What are the usage examples for prerequisite?

  1. The colorless character of his administration was largely due to his having, in his anxiety to avoid blind and unreasoning adherence to party, committed the only less serious fault of paying too little heed to party; for a healthy party spirit is prerequisite to the performance of effective work in American political life. – Thomas Hart Benton by Theodore Roosevelt
  2. These groupings in the mind of a child, formed chiefly by means of the imagination, are almost wholly compounded of sensible objects; and the only necessary prerequisite for their formation appears to be a knowledge of the individual elements of which they are to be composed. – A Practical Enquiry into the Philosophy of Education by James Gall

What are the rhymes for prerequisite?

  1. requisite;

What are the translations for prerequisite?

Afrikaans word for Prerequisite


Arabic word for Prerequisite

شرط أساسي.

Chinese words for Prerequisite

条件, 先决条件, 前提, 预备知识.

French words for Prerequisite

condition, condition préalable, condition sine qua non, condition indispensable, prérequis, conditions requises, passage obligé, condition préalable.

German words for Prerequisite

Erfordernis, Voraussetzung, Bedingung, Grundvoraussetzung, Vorbedingung, Grundbedingung, Grundanforderung.

Italian word for Prerequisite

requisito indispensabile.

Javanese word for Prerequisite


Korean word for Prerequisite

필수 조건.

Marathi word for Prerequisite


Norwegian word for Prerequisite


Polish word for Prerequisite


Portuguese word for Prerequisite


Romanian word for Prerequisite

condiție prealabilă.

Russian words for Prerequisite

предпосылка, необходимое условие, предварительное условие, обязательное условие, непременное условие, предварительное требование.

Spanish words for Prerequisite

premisa, requisito, prerrequisito, condición indispensable, precondición, presupuesto esencial.

Tamil word for Prerequisite


Turkish word for Prerequisite