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What are the rhymes for press?

  1. guess, less, bless, es, ess, dress, crests, chess, hess, ress, mess, nes, fests, gess, hesse, esse, gless, les, jess, fess, tress, abs, wes, stress, guests, ness, ches, bess, kess, ques, yes, cress, s, vess, tess, pless;
  2. finesse, ts, profess, noblesse, attests, excess, oppress, molests, suggests, etess, vs, suppress, aggress, ellesse, possess, transgress, infests, requests, unless, retests, express, fluoresce, regress, confess, fs, repress, divests, digests, egress, protests, compress, ls, assess, success, distress, caress, progress, invests, redress, largesse, digress, address, depress, impress, recess, obsess, contests, undress;
  3. oas, uss, cps, cus, reinvests, ins, uys, lcs, ers, dss, coalesce, pos, nonetheless, acquiesce, reassess, ccs, repossess, convalesce, las, dispossess;
  4. cmos, tcas, adss, nevertheless, ws, stds, hces, abts;

What are the translations for press?

Arabic word for Press


Bengali word for Press


Chinese words for Press

新闻, 敦促, 压机, 按下, 按压, 挤, 点击, 榨油, 追逼.

Dutch words for Press

drukken, druk, pers, drukpers, persen, strijken, indrukken, aandrukken, op druk zetten.

French words for Press

pousser, imposer, enfoncer, appuyer, serrer, pressoir, presser, acculer.

German words for Press

zwingen, Druck, Pression, pressen, stanzen, stemmen, Presse, bügeln, Druckpresse, Blätterwald, Pressewesen, keltern, herunterdrücken, dringen.

Hindi word for Press


Italian words for Press

stampa, pressione, macchina da stampa.

Japanese words for Press

プレス, 押す, 報道機関, 押しつける, 押し付ける, あっする, 押付ける, せきたてる, 圧搾器, いんさつじょ, うながす, 急立てる, しぼる, 急き立てる, 責める, せき立てる, ほうどうきかん, まする, おしつける, 寄せる, 圧力を加える, あつりょくをくわえる, あっさくき, 捺す, 圧す, 印刷所, いんさつしょ, もみたてる, 圧する, 急きたてる, へす, あっす, プレス機.

Javanese words for Press

tekan, Pencet.

Korean word for Press


Marathi word for Press


Polish word for Press


Portuguese words for Press

apertar, passar, pressionar, imprensa, premir, compelir, imprensa escrita, premer, fazer pressão sobre.

Russian words for Press

пресс, печать, пресса, нажимать на, типография, давить, надавливать.

Spanish words for Press

exigir, presionar, apretar, pulsar, empujar, pisar, prensa, imprimir, planchar, prensar, comprimir, oprimir, imprenta.

Swedish word for Press


Tamil word for Press


Turkish word for Press


Vietnamese word for Press

báo chí.