How To Spell pretend?

Correct spelling: pretend

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What is the definition of pretend?

  1. Pretended.

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What are the translations for pretend?

Afrikaans word for Pretend


Arabic word for Pretend


Bengali word for Pretend


Chinese words for Pretend

装扮, 假作, 佯, 故作, 装作, 扮作, 装成, 乔装, 佯装, 挢.

Dutch words for Pretend

beweren, doen alsof, veinzen, pretenderen, simuleren, voorwenden, voorgeven.

French words for Pretend

simuler, prétexter, feindre.

German words for Pretend

vorgeben, spielen, so tun, so tun, als ob, heucheln, vorspielen, sich verstellen, vorheucheln.

Italian word for Pretend


Japanese words for Pretend

つくりかざる, みせかける, 事寄せる, ことよせる, かっこうをつける, 見せ掛ける, 格好をつける, フリをする, 称す, 称する, 格好を付ける, 衒う, てらう, かっこをつける, 見せかける.

Javanese word for Pretend


Korean word for Pretend

...인 체하다.

Norwegian word for Pretend

late som.

Polish word for Pretend

stworzyć pozory.

Romanian word for Pretend

a pretinde.

Russian words for Pretend

делать вид, воображаемый.

Spanish word for Pretend


Swedish word for Pretend


Turkish word for Pretend


Vietnamese word for Pretend

giả vờ.