How To Spell prevail?

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What are the rhymes for prevail?

  1. gael, calle, hale, haile, ail, male, gale, dale, salle, raile, quale, fail, nale, yale, reil, dayle, nail, rail, scale, sale, tail, crail, maile, tale, bale, shale, quail, balle, vaile, gaile, kael, veil, gail, vail, wale, ale, mail, dail, frail, zale, kale, gayle, kail, they'll, sail, braille, bail, jail, pail, trail, wail, stale, snail, cale, hail, vale, cail, rael, grail, whale, pale, daile, flail;
  2. levell, detail, lavell, surveil, exhale, inhale, jarrell, assail, cardell, gorrell, travail, impale, unveil, mikhail, derail, carrell, tirrell, dorrell, mikael, jerrell, entail, marcell, ancell, avail, carvell, cadell, verrell, capell, bewail, curtail;
  3. deverell, averell, avenell;

What are the translations for prevail?

Afrikaans word for Prevail


French words for Prevail

dominer, prévaloir, triompher, exister, l'emporter, prédominer, avoir cours.

German words for Prevail

herrschen, sich durchsetzen, überwiegen, siegen, weit verbreitet sein, Vorrang haben, vorherrschen, vorrangig gelten, walten, maßgeblich sein, prävalieren, Erfolg haben, obwalten, die Oberhand haben, primär.

Greek word for Prevail


Italian word for Prevail


Japanese word for Prevail


Javanese word for Prevail


Korean word for Prevail


Malay word for Prevail

Diguna pakai.

Marathi word for Prevail

विजय मिळवणे.

Polish words for Prevail

dominować, zapanować, górować, panować.

Portuguese words for Prevail

predominar, vigorar, levar a melhor.

Romanian word for Prevail


Russian words for Prevail

преобладать, одерживать победу, превалировать, господствовать.

Spanish words for Prevail

dominar, ganar, persistir, triunfar, imperar, reinar, prevalecer, vencer, persuadir, anteponerse, imponerse.

Tamil word for Prevail


Turkish word for Prevail