How To Spell previous?

Correct spelling: previous

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What is the definition of previous?

  1. too soon or too hasty; "our condemnation of him was a bit previous"; "a premature judgment"

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What are the rhymes for previous?

  1. devious;

What are the translations for previous?

Arabic word for Previous


Chinese words for Previous

往, 先前, 上, 过往, 上个, 早先的.

Dutch words for Previous

eerder, vroeger, voorgaand, voorafgaand, voormalig.

French words for Previous

ancien, dernier, précédent, antérieur, écoulée.

German words for Previous

bisherig, vorherig, vorhergehend, früherer, vorige, vorausgehend, verfrüht, vorig, anterior.

Greek word for Previous


Hindi word for Previous


Japanese words for Previous

前, 以前, 先出, 従前, 前出, 改め, 前広, まえびろ, 一昔前, あらため, ひとむかしまえ, ぜんしゅつ, 此の前, 已前, せんしゅつ, じゅうぜん, このまえ.

Malay word for Previous


Norwegian word for Previous


Polish words for Previous

poprzedni, wcześniejszy.

Portuguese words for Previous

antigo, prévio, passado, anteriores, transacto.

Spanish words for Previous

antecedentes, antiguo, pasado, previo, precedente, preliminar, antecedente.