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What does the abbreviation PRI mean?

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What are the usage examples for PRI?

  1. Post la disputado pri la lingvo internacia, al kiu So. – The Esperantist, Vol. 1, No. 14 by H. Bolingbroke Mudie
  2. But the fourth player, running his thoughts quickly over possible words beginning with " pri may light upon " prism" and say " s." – What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games and Pastimes by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  3. A little pri Nothing. – A Kentucky Cardinal by James Lane Allen
  4. He was a boy in the Pri ma- ry class. – Pages for Laughing Eyes by Unknown
  5. Ashes now are they all, and dry yellow bone; but in the houses of Phanar and noisy old Galata, and in the Jew quarter of Pri pacha, the black shoe and head- dress of the Greek is still distinguishable from the Hebrew blue. – The Purple Cloud by M.P. Shiel
  6. Sekve, multaj amikoj skribis siajn pensojn pri la afero. – The Esperantist, Complete by Various
  7. Mi estis tre kontenta pri mia fajfilo, sed mi maltrankviligis la tutan familion. – The Esperantist, Complete by Various
  8. Nun al la demando pri Akademio. – The Esperantist, Complete by Various
  9. Estas eble ke malmultaj vortoj pri La Esperanta Gazeto estos por Vi interesaj. – The Esperantist, Complete by Various
  10. Kelkaj vortoj estas necesaj pri la termino Kelta. – The Esperantist, Complete by Various

What are the rhymes for PRI?

  1. inductee, debris, rb, sly, bourgeoisie, referee, internee, kea, nominee, bibi, ty, sky, lp, draftee, knee, pree, fly, conferee, fee, tv, tie, vie, rye, kai, frye, eye, yee, ee, pea, kee, bligh, pye, smee, shy, psi, oversea, sri, qui, odp, phi, cai, ib, xie, sep, sigh, bee, nee, ai, disagree, buy, ski, thierry, designee, nigh, three, ot, b, sze, fae, bi, klee, chee, parolee, chai, jubilee, ji, rupee, guaranty, free, v, tai, re, ne, bt, fye, dye, undersea, dupree, spry, brie, hy, kyi, banshee, me, potpourri, see, si, deportee, li, fsi, tenn, lai, mea, glee, tennessee, cat-3, plea, thigh, magee, c3, blea, wy, marquis, yangtze, cry, flee, indri, yie, spie, nabil, jai, ree, de, ye, dsv, vi, rea, sightsee, se, bree, chablis, qi, keye, bbc, chae, gae, c, kwai, pty, prix, jee, try, detainee, dai, henri, spy, rosemarie, je, appointee, esprit, guy, sty, trustee, waikiki, cxc, syp, wai, zee, thai, t, we, ply, loree, wee, flea, z, ve, ip, cac, whoopee, degree, mcghee, lxi, he, cie, sai, honoree, gee, thy, markee, devotee, nye, guarantee, musee, the, flye, jie, m3, cd, high, sheree, spree, quay, sea, marquee, nghi, yi, cree, snee, louie, g, atp, rosalee, cyb, she, te, nestle, ranee, shai, zea, wye, tea, cod, chea, quai, lea, sie, yippee, decree, thi, nic, by, key, ravi, njt, id, brea, resignee, bui, wry, ze, hi, khe, brye, mcgee, die, ofc, bea, mpg, pattee, ab, apc, dea, dundee, thee, why, franchisee, gutsy, nie, mei, guarani, jaycee, pae, escapee, sci, vendee, my, vy, mt, mit, hee, ged, gyi, ngai, lsd, ly, fi, pi, bye, ddt, slee, jessee, pry, mme, pawnee, tsai, bly, tyree, ay, cc, capri, shi, lessee, tye, oad, phy, cy, pie, sy, p, aye, shri, foresee, vee, leigh, curie, mc, tse, fry, tae, andree, enlistee, dee, retiree, enrollee, lye, mee, goatee, mi, ghee, repartee, d, xi, valoree, eap, ti, licensee, be, lavie, ki, chi, trainee, emcee, lie, lee, marie, tree, mai, fop, dry, bae, crea, tee;
  2. achee, defy, awry, nearby, thereby, hereby, whereby, bye-bye, hi-fi, versailles, comply, kanai, dubai, imply, brunei, shanghai, abee, adee, decry, july, goodbye, iwai, good-bye, rely, untie, imai, descry, mihai, apply, standby, albee, alai, agree, alee, ac, ally, supply, belie, retry, mcfly, bonsai, uy, reply, deny;
  3. amc, absentee, abt, overfly, adoree, resupply, amputee, addressee, dui, adoptee, misapply, underlie;
  4. interviewee, lapd, cspi, knbc, oversupply, hnat, geac, isty, irit;
  5. dwi, awb;

What are the translations for PRI?

Japanese words for Pri

いちじぐんそくどインターフェース, 一次群速度インターフェース.