How To Spell price?

Correct spelling: price

What does the abbreviation price mean?


Price as a boy's name is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Price is "prize". Also possibly derived from a German tribe, the Prusen, who gave their name to Prussia, or may have originated from Rhys (Welsh) "enthusiasm".

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What are the rhymes for price?

  1. slice, gneiss, dise, grice, brice, wice, thrice, zeiss, bice, mice, feis, pryce, spice, trice, lice, nyce, vise, dice, bryce, ice, twice, nice, leiss, kies, dyce, weiss, vice, splice, tyce, tice, rice;
  2. concise, device, devise, precise, suffice, berneice, advice, excise, entice;

What are the translations for price?

Afrikaans word for Price


Arabic word for Price


Chinese words for Price

价, 价钱, 售价, 价格.

Dutch words for Price

tarief, prijs, prijs.

French words for Price

valoriser, prix, montant, somme, valeur, cours, pris, tarifaires, tarifaire, fixer le prix de, attribuer une valeur à, déterminer le prix de, montante, tarifier.

German words for Price

bewerten, Wert, Tarif, auszeichnen, Kurs, Preis, bepreisen, auspreisen, einen Preis festsetzen, den Preis von festsetzen, mit einem Preis versehen, Chiffre, Tribut.

Hindi word for Price


Italian words for Price

valore, prezzo, importo, tariffa.

Japanese words for Price

価格, プライス, 時価.

Malay word for Price


Polish word for Price


Portuguese words for Price

custo, taxa, prêmio, quantia, soma, preço, rega.

Romanian word for Price


Spanish words for Price

precio, tarifa, valor, importe, valorar, cifra, costo, suma, cena, cotización, arancel.

Turkish word for Price


Ukrainian word for Price