How To Spell pride?

Correct spelling: pride

What is the definition of pride?

  1. be proud of; "She prides herself on her son"

What does the abbreviation pride mean?


Pride as a girl's name.

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What are the translations for pride?

Arabic word for Pride


Dutch words for Pride

fierheid, hoogmoed, eergevoel.

French words for Pride

importance, fierté, orgueil, vanité, troupe.

German words for Pride

Stolz, Rudel, Hochmut, Überheblichkeit, Hoffart.

Greek word for Pride


Italian word for Pride


Japanese words for Pride

誇り, プライド, 得意, 自負心, ほこり, 大威張り, 喬志, 倨傲, いさぎよし, 高慢さ, 鼻高, けんしき, 驕傲, はなたか, 矜恃, 傲岸, 強慢, けんだか, はり, きぐらい, きょうし, ごう慢, たかぶり, 大いばり, おおいばり, じまん, きょごう, ごうまん, しきけん, 潔し, 権高, 張り, しっけん.

Korean word for Pride


Malay words for Pride

Kebanggaan, Bangga.

Portuguese words for Pride

orgulho, soberba, vaidade, arrogância, ufania, jactância.

Romanian word for Pride


Russian word for Pride


Spanish words for Pride

brío, manada, orgullo, soberbia, arrogancia, altivez, amor propio, vanidad, duma.

Swedish words for Pride

trots, stolthet.

Turkish word for Pride


Ukrainian word for Pride


Vietnamese word for Pride

sự tự hào.