How To Spell primary?

Correct spelling: primary

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What is the definition of primary?

  1. Primarily.

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What are the translations for primary?

Arabic word for Primary


Dutch words for Primary

oorspronkelijk, eerst, voornaamst, primair, elementair.

French words for Primary

principal, fondamental, majeur, direct, primaire, primaires, capital, essentiel, central, prioritaire, prioritaires.

German words for Primary

elementar, initial, erstklassig, vital, primär, fundamental, vorrangig, primordial, Premier.

Greek word for Primary


Italian word for Primary


Japanese words for Primary

一次, プライマリ, プライマリー, 第一次, 初等, 一級, よせん, 予選, だいいちじ, しょとう, いっきゅう, 第一の.

Javanese word for Primary


Malay word for Primary


Norwegian word for Primary


Polish words for Primary

podstawowy, pierwotny, najważniejszy.

Portuguese words for Primary

primeiro, primário, prioritário, essencial, elementares, primacial, originário.

Spanish words for Primary

importante, mayor, esencial, primario, inicial, primaria, preliminar, originario, preponderante.

Swedish word for Primary


Tamil word for Primary


Turkish word for Primary