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What does the abbreviation process mean?

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What are the translations for process?

Afrikaans word for Process


Arabic word for Process


Bengali word for Process


Chinese words for Process

工艺, 流程, 加工, 工序, 提炼, 过程.

Dutch words for Process

bewerking, traject, werkwijze.

French words for Process

processus, procédé, marche à suivre, traiter, transformer, digérer, procès, procédure, usiner.

German words for Process

verfahren, Prozess, Vorgang, verarbeiten, bearbeiten, abwickeln, Ablauf, Verlauf, Arbeitsgang, Arbeitsvorgang, Arbeitsverfahren, Fortsatz, entwickeln, aufbereiten, weiterverarbeiten, abarbeiten, veredeln, prozessieren, aufarbeiten.

Italian words for Process

procedura, trattamento, lavorazione, operazione.

Japanese words for Process

プロセス, 処理過程, しょりかてい.

Marathi word for Process


Norwegian word for Process


Portuguese words for Process

processo, processar, método.

Russian words for Process

процесс, судебный процесс, обрабатывать, возбуждать дело, обработка, приказ суда, судебное предписание, технологический способ.

Spanish words for Process

tratar, elaborar, citar, proceso, procesar, tramitar.

Swedish word for Process


Ukrainian word for Process


Vietnamese word for Process

quá trình.