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Spell Check of Prodded

Correct spelling: Prodded


Common misspellings for Prodded:

erodded, proded.

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This graph shows how "Prodded" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Prodded:

  1. I prodded the Old Man out of a doze.
  2. Ranny looked at him and thought how he would go in like a pillow if you prodded him, and of the jelly, the jelly on the floor, he would make if you pounded.
  3. He prodded her for details of Ansaldo's skill.

Quotes for Prodded:

  1. Man as an individual is a genius. But men in the mass form the headless monster, a great, brutish idiot that goes where prodded. - Charlie Chaplin
  2. I am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded. In fact, if anything, I am the prod. - Winston Churchill

Rhymes for Prodded:

  1. nodded, plodded, wadded.
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