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How To Spell productions?

Correct spelling: productions

List of misspellings for productions:

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Related words for productions

MCD Productions



MCD Productions is an Irish concert promotion company. Established in 1980, and headquartered in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Narada Productions


Record label

Narada is a record label formed in 1983 as an independent new-age music label and distributed by MCA Records. Now a fully owned subsidiary of Universal Music Group and distributed by Capitol Music Group's Blue Note Records, the label evolved through an expansion of formats to include world music, jazz, Celtic music, new flamenco, acoustic guitar and piano genre releases.

Shadowville Productions



Shadowville Productions is a music production and licensing business of Shadowville Inc., that distributes instrumentals from several independent producers, providing original music for artists or companies in need of beats.

Skellington Productions



Skellington Productions was a company that was a joint venture between Walt Disney Feature Animation and directors Henry Selick and Tim Burton. The company specialized in stop motion animation and made use of the art in its two films.

Whirlpool Productions


Musical group

Whirlpool Productions is a German house music project formed in 1991 from Cologne, consisting of musicians and producers Eric D. Clark, Justus Köhncke and Hans Nieswandt.

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Quotes for productions:

  1. The artist finds, that the more he can confine his attention to a particular part of any work, his productions are the more perfect, and grow under his hands in the greater quantities.
  2. I have kept a part of Catalina Productions going, through which I develop a few projects just for me.
  3. What people want is not what some would call imaginative and often austere productions but very lavish productions which cast back into the auditorium an image of their affluence.
  4. I was always daydreaming about singing in big productions on Broadway.
  5. What is generally referred to as American -style films are, in fact, studio productions.