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What are the rhymes for progress?

  1. hess, yes, bess, gless, abs, es, gess, stress, ess, ches, bless, s, crests, mess, cress, jess, guess, vess, esse, tess, wes, dress, guests, tress, ques, les, kess, pless, less, fests, nes, press, hesse, fess, chess, ress, ness;
  2. noblesse, express, vs, excess, fluoresce, retests, suggests, success, oppress, molests, undress, distress, regress, assess, redress, digress, confess, possess, impress, contests, recess, ts, caress, unless, fs, requests, compress, finesse, etess, divests, profess, address, digests, egress, aggress, largesse, repress, ellesse, protests, invests, infests, ls, suppress, transgress, obsess, attests, depress;
  3. dispossess, ers, pos, ins, oas, repossess, acquiesce, nonetheless, ccs, lcs, reinvests, dss, cps, las, uss, uys, cus, reassess, coalesce, convalesce;
  4. ws, abts, tcas, cmos, nevertheless, stds, adss, hces;

What are the translations for progress?

Afrikaans word for Progress


Arabic word for Progress


Dutch words for Progress

vorderen, vooruitgaan, vooruitgang, voortgang, vordering, voortgaan, progressie.

French words for Progress

avancer, progresser, avancé, progrès.

German words for Progress

weitergehen, Entwicklung, fortschreiten, voranschreiten, Ablauf, Verlauf, Fortschritt, Fortschritte, Fortschritte machen, vordringen, weiterverfolgen, Weiterentwicklung, Fortgang, Vorankommen, Vorwärtskommen, Weiterentwicklungen, Fortschritt machen, weiterkommen, vorwärts schreiten, seinen Fortgang nehmen, Progression, Avancement.

Italian words for Progress

avanzamento, evoluzione, miglioramento, svolgimento, cammino, progressione.

Japanese words for Progress

進捗, 進歩, 進展, 進化, プログレス, 経過, 進度, 上達, 進み, すすみ, けいか, 遅速, じょうしん, しんきょう, 進境, しんちょく, しんか, 改進.

Malay word for Progress


Norwegian word for Progress


Polish words for Progress

przebieg, postęp.

Portuguese words for Progress

melhorar, progredir, desenvolvimento, melhoria, progresso, evoluir, caminhar, andamento, de progresso, progressiva.

Russian words for Progress

ход, успехи, успеваемость, подвижки, сдвиги.

Spanish words for Progress

mejorar, carrera, curso, progresar, desarrollo, desarrollarse, marcha, correr, mejora, prosperar, avanzar, adelantar, progreso, evolucionar, evolución, adelanto, progresos, progresión.

Swedish word for Progress


Turkish word for Progress