How To Spell properly?

Correct spelling: properly

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What is the definition of properly?

  1. Individually; after one's own manner.

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What are the rhymes for properly?

  1. improperly;

What are the translations for properly?

Afrikaans word for Properly


Arabic word for Properly

بِشَكْلٍ مُنَاسِب.

Chinese word for Properly


Dutch words for Properly

netjes, behoorlijk, goed, juist, degelijk, fatsoenlijk, adequaat, voldoende, naar behoren, deugdelijk, afdoende, terdege.

French words for Properly

correct, bien, juste, correctement, exactement, convenablement, adéquatement, proprement, normalement, justement, acceptablement.

German word for Properly


Hindi word for Properly

ठीक से.

Italian word for Properly


Japanese words for Properly

ちゃんと, 宜しく, せきにんをもって, ばっちり, 能う, 然る可く, ほどよく, 夜露死苦, 程良く, きちんきちん, よろしく, しかるべく, 宜敷く, 責任を持って, 然るべく.

Javanese word for Properly


Malay word for Properly


Norwegian word for Properly

på rett måte.

Polish words for Properly

odpowiednio, właściwie, prawidłowo.

Portuguese word for Properly


Romanian word for Properly


Russian words for Properly

должным образом, правильно, исправно, собственно, тщательно, как следует, как положено, надлежащим образом.

Spanish word for Properly


Swedish word for Properly

på rätt sätt.

Turkish word for Properly

uygun şekilde.