How To Spell property?

Correct spelling: property

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What are the translations for property?

Arabic word for Property


Bengali word for Property


Dutch words for Property

perceel, goed, kenmerk, eigenschap, object, bezit, eigendom, vastgoed, pand, landgoed, bezitting, karakteristiek.

French words for Property

immobile, patrimonial.

German words for Property

Vermögen, Eigentum, Lokal.

Greek word for Property


Italian words for Property

immobiliare, caratteristica, proprietà, beni, bene immobile.

Japanese words for Property

資産, プロパティ, 所有物, 属性, 所有財産, 財物, プロパティー, ざいさん, しょゆうざいさん, 財貨, ぞくせい, しょゆうぶつ, ざいぶつ, ざいもつ.

Javanese word for Property


Norwegian word for Property


Polish words for Property

atrybut, cecha, majątkowy, posesja, dobytek.

Portuguese words for Property

patrimônio, propriedade.

Romanian words for Property

proprietate, hartă.

Russian word for Property


Spanish words for Property

propiedad, inmobiliario, sobre la propiedad inmobiliaria.

Swedish word for Property