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How To Spell proposal?

Correct spelling: proposal

Definition of proposal:

  1. something proposed (such as a plan or assumption)

List of misspellings for proposal:

  • propoal,
  • proposels,
  • prposals,
  • puposly,
  • propoose,
  • propobaly,
  • prepeutial,
  • proporely,
  • proposaed,
  • perposely,
  • perposal,
  • proposle,
  • proposol,
  • propopsal,
  • propfile,
  • puropsely,
  • properaly,
  • propposal,
  • proposlas,
  • proupouse,
  • periperhal,
  • propsel,
  • propsals,
  • porosal,
  • proprosal,
  • eproposal,
  • porposal,
  • aprpoval,
  • propolis,
  • propoals,
  • appropval,
  • proposaing,
  • prosal,
  • propetual,
  • propasl,
  • propbally,
  • propopsals,
  • purposily,
  • porposly,
  • propbaly,
  • propousal,
  • proupose,
  • propoerly,
  • puropsly,
  • proposla,
  • praposal,
  • prosposal,
  • porposely,
  • proxmal,
  • prepucial,
  • propasal,
  • propaply,
  • propossal,
  • propost,
  • purposual,
  • proposale,
  • propaly,
  • proposel,
  • proporly,
  • propousals,
  • propasel,
  • preportorly,
  • proportial,
  • proposial,
  • projposal,
  • probosal,
  • propfol,
  • properally,
  • prposal,
  • premenopausal,
  • proposalas,
  • propsoal,
  • propodal,
  • prpposal,
  • pruposal,
  • preposal,
  • propal,
  • porpusly,
  • proposa,
  • peronsla,
  • aprpaisal,
  • thisproposal,
  • profously,
  • proplay,
  • praisal,
  • aeropostal,
  • proporsals,
  • purprosal,
  • peronsal,
  • propoly,
  • propossel,
  • propabaly,
  • posposal,
  • propusal,
  • propsal,
  • purposal,
  • puposely,
  • purpossly,
  • propouse,
  • prizepool.

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After the Proposal

2013 film

BearCity 2: The Proposal


2012 film

BearCity 2: The Proposal is a 2012 American gay-themed comedy-drama film written and directed by Doug Langway. It is a sequel to his 2010 film BearCity.

Chukyo Metropolis proposal


The Chukyo Metropolis proposals are proposed transformations of the Aichi prefecture into a metropolis. Aichi's prefectural governor, Mr. Omura, formed ja:中京維新の会 Chukyo Isshin no Kai or Chukyo Metropolitan Area Renewal Association in 2012. The latter plan is an alternate that also incorporates Gifu prefecture in the Metropolis. The metropolis would require Nagoya city to be dissolved and reorganized into wards under metropolitan authority. The concept has parallels with Tokyo's past and Osaka's proposed reorganization.

Proposal Rocks


Proposal Rocks is the name of a 29.9 acre nature preserve owned by Joshua's Trust in that features a group of granite boulders.

Sonics Arena


Sonics Arena was a proposed multi-purpose arena to be constructed in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, United States. The arena would have hosted basketball, ice hockey, and concerts. The proposal called for an arena with a capacity of around 19,000 to 20,000 seats.

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Quotes for proposal:

  1. But the leaders of the OIC could not even accept Mahathir's proposal, yet they talk about respect and honour.
  2. I think Bush's immigration proposal is treason and he should be impeached.
  3. Sadly, the President's budget proposal for the upcoming year once again puts cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans over addressing our country's severe fiscal problems.
  4. Yes, the marriage proposal was shot. Michael excluded the dialogue from the final edit.
  5. I would point out that Japan's proposal at the Versailles Peace Conference on the principle of racial equality was rejected by delegates such as those from Britain and the United States.

Rhymes for proposal:

  1. rosell, rosel;
  2. disposal;

Translations for proposal:

Chinese words for Proposal

提案, 拟议, 创议.

Dutch words for Proposal

verzoek, voorstel, aanzoek.

German words for Proposal

Antrag, Angebot, Vorschlag, Vorlage, Heiratsantrag, Anregung, Offerte, Proposition.

Greek word for Proposal


Italian words for Proposal

offerta, proposta di matrimonio.

Japanese words for Proposal

提案, 提言, プロポーザル, 提唱, 提議, 発議, 協定案, 進言, きょうていあん, ほっき, ていぎ, ていあん, はつぎ, 建言, しんげん, 発起, ていしょう, 献言.

Javanese words for Proposal

Cadangan, Proposal.

Korean word for Proposal


Marathi word for Proposal


Polish words for Proposal

wniosek, propozycja.

Portuguese word for Proposal


Romanian word for Proposal


Spanish words for Proposal

oferta, proyecto, propuesta, enmienda, iniciativa, planteo.

Swedish word for Proposal


Turkish word for Proposal


Vietnamese word for Proposal

đề xuất.