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How To Spell prose?

Correct spelling: prose

Definition of prose:

  1. matter of fact, commonplace, or dull expression

List of misspellings for prose:

  • penrose,
  • wprds,
  • pirpose,
  • phrse,
  • promese,
  • porpuse,
  • parase,
  • preice,
  • prode,
  • grosey,
  • peros,
  • provs,
  • oprice,
  • sprouce,
  • promsie,
  • pruse,
  • poose,
  • proje,
  • prsss,
  • purhase,
  • promse,
  • provise,
  • prasie,
  • wrose,
  • froce,
  • prosesor,
  • pyrchase,
  • porshyz,
  • proceir,
  • proside,
  • prioitise,
  • prson,
  • proscees,
  • przes,
  • purporse,
  • protes,
  • rpize,
  • percuse,
  • pouros,
  • propouse,
  • prupose,
  • prsure,
  • pruce,
  • prosche,
  • prme,
  • prioe,
  • proice,
  • prones,
  • prosse,
  • prodece,
  • prrove,
  • porove,
  • porshce,
  • presece,
  • promuse,
  • propse,
  • proles,
  • prossese,
  • prosced,
  • porosal,
  • proce,
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  • preess,
  • purusue,
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  • prusure,
  • proety,
  • pitaroes,
  • preseve,
  • paruse,
  • surprose,
  • prpose,
  • preserv,
  • presby,
  • promice,
  • frose,
  • dprice,
  • perhase,
  • presque,
  • perousan,
  • plrase,
  • prodoce,
  • prevouse,
  • prosude,
  • porce,
  • prsue,
  • perole,
  • sprouse,
  • propoose,
  • prchase,
  • proder,
  • preoare,
  • pirode,
  • presu,
  • pirice,
  • procss.

What does the abbreviation prose mean?

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This graph shows how "prose" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for prose:

  1. My prose is turgid, it just hasn't got any energy.
  2. When you have an idea for a story, you want those characters to reach as many people as you can. I think you normally think of prose as a way of doing that. It fits our time, the culture.
  3. I've already written 300 space poems. But I look upon my ultimate form as being a poetic prose. When you read it, it appears to be prose, but within the prose you have embedded the techniques of poetry.
  4. Poetry seems to sink into us the way prose doesn't. I can still quote verses I learned when I was very young, but I have trouble remembering one line of a novel I just finished reading.
  5. There is something about poetry beyond prose logic, there is mystery in it, not to be explained but admired.

Rhymes for prose:

  1. throes, rows, foes, joes, lowes, gose, bose, blows, chose, roes, sews, flows, crows, froze, pows, nose, mose, throws, doze, shows, hose, ose, pros, knows, rose, glows, pose, ngos, crose, vose, o's, tows, rohs, noes, grows, lows, hoes, jos, ohs, lo's, sows, close, slows, beaus, bows, bowes, woes, boase, snows, cose, toes, owes, those, clothes, goes, boes, brose, moes;
  2. dispose, bestows, enclose, compose, expose, disclose, depose, impose, oppose, propose, foreclose, dubose, arose, forgoes, stavros, repose, transpose, tarots, plainclothes, suppose;
  3. juxtapose, presuppose, reimpose, predispose, interpose, decompose;
  4. superimpose, overexpose;

Translations for prose:

Arabic word for Prose


Chinese words for Prose

proscriptiveness, 散文.

French word for Prose


Hindi word for Prose


Japanese word for Prose


Malay word for Prose


Marathi word for Prose


Polish word for Prose


Portuguese word for Prose


Romanian word for Prose


Russian word for Prose


Ukrainian word for Prose


Vietnamese word for Prose

văn xuôi.