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How To Spell publish?

Correct spelling: publish

What are the misspellings for publish ?

  • publci,
  • publisih,
  • pucblished,
  • publishe,
  • publily,
  • publshed,
  • publsiher,
  • pulbish,
  • publik,
  • publishion,
  • paybycash,
  • puplisher,
  • accoblish,
  • poublished,
  • publi,
  • publidh,
  • publishng,
  • bulish,
  • publishg,
  • pubilishing,
  • publive,
  • pusblished,
  • publilc,
  • poublishe,
  • publshing,
  • abbolish,
  • rebelish,
  • ablish,
  • obolish,
  • publis,
  • puiblishing,
  • pubilsh,
  • pelike,
  • publich,
  • pulsh,
  • upublish,
  • publicy,
  • publishedin,
  • poilish,
  • unpublish,
  • publuishing,
  • publize,
  • publsih,
  • blish,
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  • publiser,
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  • publeshed,
  • poloish,
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  • pollish,
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  • plublishing,
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  • fabulish,
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  • publishrd,
  • pubblished,
  • puiblished,
  • purpelish,
  • plublished.

What is the definition of publish?

  1. put into print; "The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce"; "These news should not be printed"

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What are the quotes for publish?

  1. I think most people played both variants and regular games. It was a period when variants were very popular and there were a lot more variants being played at that time. Every week practically, it seemed someone would publish a new variant in a zine.
  2. That's very nice if they want to publish you, but don't pay too much attention to it. It will toss you away. Just continue to write.
  3. It takes a long time to publish a book.
  4. I love chapbooks. They're in some ways the ideal form in which to publish and read poems. You can read 19 poems in a way you can't sit down and read 60 to 70 pages of poems.
  5. Our mission, is to publish books on social and cultural issues, including books on law related to those areas. We are not looking for books on, say, tax policy, etc.

What are the translations for publish?

Afrikaans word for Publish


Arabic word for Publish


Chinese words for Publish

发布, 刊登, 发刊, 刊印, 印发, 登出, 刊载, 印行, 编印, 登出来, 揭载, 揭晓.

Dutch words for Publish

uitgeven, aankondigen, bekendmaken, publiceren, afkondigen, verkondigen.

French words for Publish

afficher, publier, diffuser, imprimer, mettre en ligne.

German words for Publish

herausgeben, publizieren, herausbringen, auflegen, verlegen, abdrucken.

Greek word for Publish


Hindi word for Publish


Italian word for Publish


Japanese words for Publish

出す, 発刊, 梓に上せる, しにのぼせる, はっかん, 出版する.

Javanese word for Publish


Korean word for Publish


Malay word for Publish


Norwegian word for Publish


Polish word for Publish


Romanian word for Publish

a publica.

Spanish words for Publish

difundir, divulgar, publicar, revelar, editar.

Swedish word for Publish


Turkish word for Publish