How To Spell punishment?

Correct spelling: punishment

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What is the definition of punishment?

  1. Severe, rough, or disastrous treatment.

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What are the translations for punishment?

Arabic word for Punishment


Chinese words for Punishment

刑, 惩, 惩处, 谴, 刑罚, 制裁.

Dutch words for Punishment

sanctie, straf, bestraffing, strafmaatregel, afstraffing.

French words for Punishment

sanction, peine, correction, châtiment, punition.

German words for Punishment

straff, Strafe, Bestrafung.

Italian word for Punishment


Japanese words for Punishment

罰, 懲罰, 処罰, 刑, おしおき, お仕置き, しおき, 膺懲, 警め, しょばつ, 刑獄, 懲悪, 制裁, 罪科, 御仕置き, じゅけい, けいごく, ちょうあく, ようちょう, 受刑, 仕置, 刑戮, けいりく, 仕置き, しょぶん.

Javanese word for Punishment


Malay word for Punishment


Polish word for Punishment


Spanish words for Punishment

pena, castigo, paliza, malos tratos.

Turkish word for Punishment


Vietnamese word for Punishment

sự trừng phạt.