How To Spell pure?

Correct spelling: pure

What is the definition of pure?

  1. free of extraneous elements of any kind; "pure air and water"; "pure gold"; "pure primary colors"; "the violin's pure and lovely song"; "pure tones"

What does the abbreviation pure mean?

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What are the rhymes for pure?

  1. manure, buhr, moore, procure, endure, mature, ensure, moor, secure, you're, boor, inure, tour, obscure, insure, lumpur, sure, gilmour, uhr, lure, spoor, muir, detour, ur, your, impure, poor, demure, unsure, cure, ruhr;
  2. assure, allure, baldur, brochure, bonjour, couture;
  3. reassure, reinsure, immature, premature;
  4. entrepreneur;

What are the translations for pure?

Afrikaans word for Pure


Arabic word for Pure


Bengali word for Pure


Chinese words for Pure

纯的, 清, 纯正, 纯粹, 清白, 絜.

Dutch words for Pure

zuiver, puur, volkomen, louter, onvervalst.

French words for Pure

parfait, simple, vierge, absolu.

German words for Pure

echt, Bär, rein, schier, blank, lauter, gediegen, pur, unvermischt, naturrein, zweckfrei, Brut.

Italian words for Pure

pura, incontaminata, pulita.

Japanese words for Pure

純粋, ピュア, 純, 清潔, 汚れのない, じゅんすい, 穢れの無い, 忌, 雪白, じゅんこ, 斎み, 真正, きっすい, いさぎよい, 穢れのない, いさぎ良い, きよい, 健気, けなげ, じゅんしんむく, じゅんせい, 純真無垢, 醇乎, けがれのない, むざつ, 無雑, 純粋な.

Javanese word for Pure


Korean word for Pure


Malay word for Pure


Polish words for Pure

czysty, doskonały.

Russian words for Pure

целомудренный, непорочный, беспримесный.

Spanish words for Pure

completo, limpio, puro, absoluto, mero, cándido, virgen, natural, inmaculado, inocente, intacto, casto.

Swedish word for Pure


Tamil word for Pure


Turkish word for Pure


Vietnamese word for Pure

tinh khiết.