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Correct spelling: putt


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This graph shows how "putt" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for putt:

  1. The pressure of getting an order right is greater than sinking a putt.
  2. Gimme: an agreement between two losers who can't putt.
  3. If ever I needed an eight foot putt, and everything I owned depended on it, I would want Arnold Palmer to putt for me.
  4. You drive for show but putt for dough.
  5. How about a little noise. How do you expect a man to putt?

Rhymes for putt:

  1. hut, butt, strut, knut, gut, glut, nut, rut, tutt, kut, haute, shut, what, gutt, mutt, smut, but, nutt, utt, cut, hutt, jut, tut;
  2. uncut, abut, somewhat, rebut;