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How To Spell quarter?

Correct spelling: quarter

List of misspellings for quarter:

  • quartr,
  • quardo,
  • kuate,
  • duahgter,
  • daugter,
  • quartars,
  • carcter,
  • qoate,
  • quaite,
  • guartee,
  • qurter,
  • arter,
  • karte,
  • quatere,
  • quoute,
  • quater,
  • squiter,
  • kuarterly,
  • quaiity,
  • quitier,
  • quatar,
  • quarta,
  • quarterley,
  • curter,
  • qouates,
  • quarled,
  • quatuor,
  • qouter,
  • quarted,
  • guarder,
  • quartaly,
  • furter,
  • quoate,
  • quotte,
  • quartery,
  • quirte,
  • quorder,
  • quartine,
  • quattro,
  • laugter,
  • qauarter,
  • quatrer,
  • quiaity,
  • quaret,
  • quiteria,
  • quarater,
  • qwarter,
  • qaurters,
  • quirty,
  • cuarderoy,
  • quaota,
  • quade,
  • quatum,
  • guaratee,
  • quadere,
  • qourter,
  • quartes,
  • qaurterly,
  • quoterd,
  • qauarters,
  • quiter,
  • quartert,
  • quaerter,
  • cartter,
  • guarntor,
  • qater,
  • quarder,
  • dauhgter,
  • quates,
  • quitar,
  • duagter,
  • quartely,
  • quatter,
  • guter,
  • quaterly,
  • quaerterly,
  • guartenee,
  • quarer,
  • quorter,
  • dugter,
  • quareter,
  • duaghater,
  • equater,
  • nurter,
  • qaurter,
  • quaity,
  • quarlety,
  • qurterly,
  • quaterley,
  • quare,
  • curtomer,
  • quorters,
  • quarded,
  • quartley,
  • quarterd,
  • duagahter,
  • quantie,
  • quata,
  • guatar,
  • quartar.

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Building complex

A IQ-quarter locate on plot 11 in the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow.It will be the transfer point between different subway and light railway lines, as well as other public systems.

Soufrière Quarter


Soufrière is a quarter on the Southwest coast of Saint Lucia in the West Indies. Soufrière was the former capital of Saint Lucia during times of French rule. It is now a small fishing port with an emerging tourism industry.

Swan Quarter


Swan Quarter is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Hyde County, North Carolina, United States. It is the Hyde county seat. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 324.



Tempelhof is a locality of Berlin within the borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. It is the location of the former Tempelhof Airport, one of the earliest commercial airports in the world. It is now deserted and shows as a blank spot on maps of Berlin. Attempts are being made to save the still-existing buildings.

Upper Guelders


Upper Guelders or Spanish Guelders was one of the four quarters in the Imperial Duchy of Guelders. In the Dutch Revolt, it was the only quarter that did not secede from the Habsburg Monarchy to become part of the Seven United Netherlands, but remained under Spanish rule during the Eighty Years' War.

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Translations for quarter:

Arabic word for Quarter


Chinese word for Quarter


Dutch words for Quarter

wijk, kwartaal, kwart, buurt, kwartier.

French words for Quarter

écarteler, trimestre, diviser en quarts.

German words for Quarter

Schonung, Gegend, Vierteljahr, Quartier, Stadtteil, Quartal, Viertel, Vierteldollar, 25-Cent-Stück, Stadtviertel, Geschäftsquartal, Viertelstunde, Quart.

Greek word for Quarter


Hindi word for Quarter


Japanese words for Quarter

クオーター, 四半分, クォーター, しはんぶん, クウォウタ, クォータ, クオータ, 四つ切り, よつぎり, クォウタ, 4分の1.

Korean word for Quarter

4분의 1.

Malay word for Quarter

Suku tahun.

Marathi word for Quarter


Norwegian word for Quarter


Portuguese words for Quarter

quarto, quinze minutos, bairro, quartel, quarta parte.

Romanian word for Quarter


Russian words for Quarter

квартал, четверть.

Spanish words for Quarter

recorrer, sector, alojar, cuarto, barrio, clemencia, lado, aposento, casco, tercio, distrito, cuartel, cuadrante, cuarto de hora, descuartizar.

Swedish word for Quarter


Tamil word for Quarter


Turkish word for Quarter


Ukrainian word for Quarter


Vietnamese word for Quarter

một phần tư.