How To Spell quietly?

Correct spelling: quietly

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What are the usage examples for quietly?

  1. " No, I have not," replied Mrs. Ramsey, quietly

What are the translations for quietly?

Arabic word for Quietly


Chinese word for Quietly


Dutch words for Quietly

zacht, discreet, geruisloos, ingetogen, geluidloos, kalm, zachtjes, geluidsarm, stilletjes, in stilte, stiekem.

French words for Quietly

doucement, tranquillement, discrètement, calmement, en silence, paisiblement, à voix basse, sans faire de bruit, silencieusement.

German words for Quietly

ruhig, sanft, dezent, still, leise, Stil, friedlich, halblaut, unbelebt, friedvoll, rüstig, unbemerkt, in ruhiger Weise.

Greek word for Quietly


Hindi word for Quietly


Italian word for Quietly


Japanese words for Quietly

静かに, ひっそり, おっとり, おとなしく, しずしず, 落ち落ち, しずかに, 粛として, そうっと, 静静, おともなく, 閑々, そろっと, ひっそり閑, おちおち, 凝然として, すっと, ぎょうぜんとして, しゅくとして, そろそろ, 閑閑, そおっと, そーっと, 大人しく, ひっそりかん, 静々, 闃, ぶじに, 無事に, 音もなく.

Javanese word for Quietly

Kanthi tenang.

Korean word for Quietly


Malay word for Quietly

Secara senyap-senyap.

Norwegian word for Quietly


Polish word for Quietly


Romanian word for Quietly

în tăcere.

Russian word for Quietly


Spanish words for Quietly

en silencio, reservadamente, tranquilamente, silenciosamente, calladamente, discretamente, sigilosamente, de manera silenciosa, quietamente, en voz baja, en calma.

Swedish word for Quietly


Turkish word for Quietly


Ukrainian word for Quietly