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How To Spell quite?

Correct spelling: quite

Definition of quite:

  1. actually or truly or to an extreme; "was quite a sudden change"; "it's quite the thing to do"; "quite the rage"; "Quite so!"

List of misspellings for quite:

  • qouates,
  • qiutly,
  • quiteria,
  • quiaity,
  • equidy,
  • quist,
  • cuite,
  • thequote,
  • qeida,
  • aquit,
  • gunite,
  • quorter,
  • juixed,
  • qjuite,
  • quija,
  • quiete,
  • qiuet,
  • quice,
  • ducte,
  • quwait,
  • qulitey,
  • quietely,
  • quirty,
  • squiter,
  • qoute,
  • uite,
  • quitea,
  • liquiate,
  • quatum,
  • liquity,
  • quites,
  • quatuor,
  • wuite,
  • liquit,
  • qouta,
  • qualiti,
  • julite,
  • quade,
  • equite,
  • quicer,
  • wquite,
  • quitie,
  • quight,
  • qiute,
  • autie,
  • quolity,
  • quittich,
  • quiert,
  • quaity,
  • requit,
  • fquite,
  • quitity,
  • quiwt,
  • qaurter,
  • qxuiote,
  • equitty,
  • quiters,
  • quitt,
  • aquiet,
  • queitly,
  • aquite,
  • quoet,
  • qudditch,
  • qulaty,
  • quiter,
  • quict,
  • quier,
  • butie,
  • curte,
  • qurter,
  • quater,
  • quitley,
  • quoate,
  • guinite,
  • quide,
  • quitte,
  • quliaty,
  • cuites,
  • requote,
  • qoate,
  • quoterd,
  • qyuite,
  • quted,
  • quaiity,
  • quitium,
  • ouiet,
  • quoite,
  • quizer,
  • quatter,
  • quiped,
  • quitar,
  • quates,
  • qwote,
  • qwuit,
  • queed,
  • quial,
  • guitor,
  • equitte,
  • qouet,
  • quuted.

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1987 film

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Translations for quite:

Afrikaans word for Quite


Arabic word for Quite


Dutch words for Quite

enigszins, behoorlijk, best, vrij, precies, volledig, heel, erg, tamelijk, volkomen, zeer.

French words for Quite

bien, assez, presque, beaucoup, pratiquement, pleinement, quasiment, passablement, totalement, raisonnablement.

German words for Quite

Recht, ziemlich, wirklich, ganz, durchaus, flink.

Italian word for Quite


Japanese words for Quite

- 1, ごく, 極, よっぽど, 余程, 一寸した, 余っ程, たぶんに, 割方, 多分に, よほど, 可也, 割りかた, 割り方, 可成, わりかし, 割かし, 割りかし.

Javanese word for Quite


Malay word for Quite


Norwegian word for Quite


Polish words for Quite

dość, całkiem.

Portuguese words for Quite

muito, verdadeiramente, meio, praticamente, inteiramente, propriamente.

Romanian word for Quite


Russian words for Quite

вполне, достаточно, совсем, полностью, абсолютно.

Spanish words for Quite

bastante, realmente, completamente, muy, absolutamente, totalmente, exactamente, mucho, perfectamente, nogal, enteramente.

Swedish word for Quite