How To Spell quote?

Correct spelling: quote

What is the definition of quote?

  1. repeat a passage from; "He quoted the Bible to her"

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What are the usage examples for quote?

  1. But the fact is- to quote an expression of Sally's own- brain- waves were the rule and not the exception with her. – Somehow Good by William de Morgan

What are the rhymes for quote?

  1. rote, note, tote, outvote, coat, promote, gloat, bloat, cote, wrote, unquote, grote, boat, dote, goat, remote, pote, oat, haute, groat, sloat, float, vote, misquote, roat, choate, moat, mote, smote, rewrote, throat;
  2. denote, devote, capote, demote, connote, afloat;
  3. underwrote;

What are the translations for quote?

Chinese words for Quote

引用, 摘引.

Dutch words for Quote

aanbod, noteren, noemen, citaat, aanhalingsteken, citeren, aanhalen, notering, prijsopgave, prijsvoorstel, aanhaling.

French words for Quote

coter, offre, mentionner, citer, rappeler, soumettre, devis, citation, guillemet, extrait, soumission.

German words for Quote

anbieten, angeben, notieren, nennen, berechnen, Angebot, verzeichnen, Zitat, Anführungszeichen, zitieren, vermelden, veranschlagen, Kostenvoranschlag, Preisangebot, Offerte, O-Ton, Anführungsstrich, Notierung, Quotierung, Kursangabe, Kursnotierung, Anbot, quotieren, ein Preisangebot machen, Preisangabe machen, Kurse angeben, Quoten, Donner.

Hindi word for Quote


Italian words for Quote

riportare, quotazione, citare, preventivo, citazione.

Japanese words for Quote

見積書, クオート, クォート, 見積価格, みつもりかかく, クウォート, クォウト, 見積り価格.

Javanese word for Quote


Korean word for Quote


Malay word for Quote


Norwegian word for Quote


Polish words for Quote

zapytanie, wycena, cytat.

Portuguese words for Quote

citação, cotação, propor, estimativa, cotar.

Romanian word for Quote


Spanish words for Quote

oferta, dar, indicar, presupuesto, presupuestar, cita, citar, cotizar, ofertar, mencionar, referir, estimado, parafrasear, frase, aseveración.