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What does the abbreviation race mean?

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What are the rhymes for race?

  1. chase, caisse, incase, retrace, glace, lace, wace, ace, dace, space, brace, chace, thrace, pace, encase, trace, place, base, face, vase, lambastes, misplace, embrace, mace, grace, erase, bass, heyse, replace, case, cayce, nace;
  2. apace, disgrace, debase, displace, deface, efface, abase;
  3. interlace;

What are the translations for race?

Arabic word for Race


Dutch words for Race

ras, wedstrijd, geslacht, racen, wedloop.

French words for Race

course, cours, race, faire la course, foncer, aller à toute vitesse.

German words for Race

Lauf, jagen, Laufen, Geschlecht, fliegen, rennen, hetzen, Wettbewerb, Rasse, Menschenschlag, rasen, Wettrennen, Ethnie, Wettlauf, Regatta, Wettfahrt, Laufring, um die Wette rennen, brausen.

Greek word for Race


Italian word for Race


Japanese words for Race

レース, 競走, よういどん, 駈け競べ, よういドン, 駆け競べ, 用意どん, 用意ドン, よーいどん, 駆競べ, 駆け比べ, かけくらべ, よーいドン.

Javanese words for Race

Bangsa, Lomba.

Korean word for Race


Norwegian word for Race


Polish words for Race

wyścig, rasa.

Portuguese words for Race

espécie, corrida.

Russian words for Race

гонка, раса, гоночный, беговой, состязаться в беге, состязание в беге, мчаться, состязание в беге или в скорост.

Spanish words for Race

carrera, correr, competir, disputa, raza, regata, contienda, etnia.

Swedish word for Race


Turkish word for Race


Ukrainian word for Race


Vietnamese word for Race

cuộc đua.