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What are the rhymes for rage?

  1. age, gage, gauge, cage, page, kage, lage, gaige, paige, upstage, sage, stage, hage, wage;
  2. osage, onstage, engage, assuage, backstage, enrage, offstage;
  3. under-age, disengage;

What are the translations for rage?

Arabic word for Rage


Dutch words for Rage

stormen, woede, passie, tieren, razernij, bevlieging, razen, woeden, boosheid, tekeergaan, toorn, uitrazen.

German words for Rage

wogen, grassieren, Mode, Trend, Wut, rasen, toben, Drift, Rage, tosen, wüten, Manie, Furie.

Italian word for Rage


Japanese words for Rage

激怒, 疳癪玉, あれくるう, 猛る, ふんぜん, 立腹, いきまく, 怒り狂う, 激昂, りっぷく, かんしゃくだま, たけりたつ, 憤然, ねつ, 激高, 中っ腹, ふきすさぶ, たけり狂う, かんしゃく玉, 癇癪玉, 忿怒, げっこう, ふんど, 息巻く, きょうぼう, 暴れ狂う, 狂暴, あばれる, 荒ぶ, 暴れる, あばれくるう, 吹き荒ぶ, 猛り立つ, 猛り狂う, すさぶ, 進ぶ, ふんぬ, いかりくるう, いかり.

Javanese word for Rage


Malay word for Rage


Polish word for Rage


Portuguese words for Rage

raiva, fúria, enraivecer-se, sanha, violência, enfurecimento, iracúndia, enraivecimento, encolerizar-se.

Spanish words for Rage

ira, rabia, furia, furor.

Swedish words for Rage

raseri, ilska.

Tamil word for Rage


Turkish word for Rage


Vietnamese word for Rage

cơn thịnh nộ.