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How To Spell rank?

Correct spelling: rank

List of misspellings for rank:

  • bnak,
  • ranke,
  • rednek,
  • trank,
  • rainnig,
  • srunk,
  • runk,
  • nanuk,
  • jank,
  • ranl,
  • raange,
  • arrng,
  • raini,
  • tanuki,
  • rannge,
  • orang,
  • orangy,
  • kranky,
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  • tiank,
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  • pank,
  • ragne,
  • rank,
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  • creank,
  • rinng,
  • rovanija,
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  • arnika,
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What does the abbreviation rank mean?

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A Rank Outsider


1920 film

A Rank Outsider is a 1920 British silent sports film directed by Richard Garrick and starring Gwen Stratford, Cameron Stratford and Lewis Dayton. It was based on a novel by Nathaniel Gould.

Mudhal Idam


2011 film

Mudhal Idam is an Indian Tamil romantic comedy film written and directed by newcomer R. Kumaran. The film, starring Vidharth of Mynaa fame along with debutante Kavitha Nair, is notably AVM Productions' 175th production.



Nurhaci's brother

Šurhaci, was a Jurchen leader, a member of the Aisin Gioro clan, he was a younger brother of Nurhaci, the founder of the Later Jin dynasty, of what would become the Qing dynasty.

Ted Rank


Ted Rank was the pen name used by American writer and photojournalist Jeff C. Tavares, who wrote a satirical humor column in the Venice Gondolier Sun between November 2004 and February 2008.

Top Rank Suite


Top Rank Suite was the name given to a chain of nightclubs in the United Kingdom owned by the Rank Organisation. They were sometimes known as Top Rank Ballrooms.

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Rhymes for rank:

  1. yank, swank, frank, brank, flank, lank, hank, sank, plank, stank, prank, shank, thank, banc, crank, planck, franc, shrank, dank, blank, clank, spank, jank, drank, tank, bank, franck, blanc, francke;
  2. leblanc;
  3. antitank;

Translations for rank:

Bengali word for Rank


Chinese words for Rank

职级, 位列, 名次, 顺位, 品第, 品位, 学衔.

Dutch words for Rank

rij, rangschikking, rangorde, graad.

French words for Rank

classer, disposer, aligner, se classer, hiérarchiser, classement, standing.

German words for Rank

Stand, Standplatz, Reihe, Rang, Stellung, Ebene, Stufe, Grad, absolut, Charge, Rangstufe, Glied, einordnen, Klasse, Formation, ausgesprochen, Dienstgrad, in einen Rang einreihen, widerlich, rangieren, grau, Rangordnung, Pfeifenreihe, Rangzahl, militärischer Rang, Rangstelle, ranzig, stinkend, verwildert, Ranking, Cargo, Grade, rank.

Greek word for Rank

ιεραρχικός βαθμός.

Hindi word for Rank


Japanese words for Rank

ランク, 順位, 階級, 尉, 序列, 等, かいきゅう, こうぶり, ならび, かうぶり, じげんすう, かいい, とうい, いちづける, 次元数, じゅんい, くらいする, じょれつ, 階位, 等位, 位する, かがふり.

Javanese word for Rank


Malay word for Rank


Marathi word for Rank


Polish words for Rank

ranga, stopień, szczebel.

Portuguese words for Rank

ordem, avaliar, classificar, fileira, enfileirar, posto, nível hierárquico, hierarquizar.

Russian words for Rank

звание, ранг, чин.

Spanish words for Rank

rango, valor, parada, fila, clase, grado, categoría, jerarquía, patente.

Tamil word for Rank


Turkish word for Rank


Ukrainian word for Rank