How To Spell rapidly?

Correct spelling: rapidly

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What are the usage examples for rapidly?

  1. Mix it well with your hands, as rapidly as possible, and see that no lumps are left in it.

What are the translations for rapidly?

Dutch word for Rapidly


French words for Rapidly

rapidement, vite, nerveusement, promptement, torrentueusement.

German words for Rapidly

schnell, rasch, stark, rasant, rapide, geschwind, sprunghaft, umgehend, eilig, rapid, schleunig, mit hohem Tempo, zusehends, mit hoher Geschwindigkeit.

Japanese words for Rapidly

飛躍的, どんどん, ひやくてき, ばっさばっさ, 駸駸, 駸々, カイカイデ, カイカイデー, ぱっと, 快快的, 急速に.

Javanese word for Rapidly


Korean word for Rapidly


Malay word for Rapidly


Polish word for Rapidly


Spanish words for Rapidly

rápidamente, velozmente, deprisa.

Swedish words for Rapidly

raskt, snabbt.