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Spell Check of rare

Correct spelling: rare


Definition of rare:

  1. Thinly scattered; not dense; porous; not frequent; scarce; unusually excellent; nearly raw.

Common misspellings for rare:

occasionaly, rar, rarley, reare, rafe, rea, arre, rarety, rere, rair, rae, rereg, lare, rarre, raren.

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This graph shows how "rare" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for rare:

  1. It is rare that even a jazz musician finds an individual voice. - David Baker
  2. It's really rare for film directors to be that interested in things other than themselves. - Alan Cumming
  3. Great men are rare, poets are rarer, but the great man who is a poet, transfiguring his greatness, is the rarest of all events. - John Drinkwater
  4. In youth and beauty, wisdom is but rare! - Homer
  5. Rare is the union of beauty and purity. - Juvenal

Rhymes for rare:

  1. abair, adair, adaire, affair, alair, allaire, astaire, aware, belair, beware, comair, compare, declare, despair, dispair, ensnare, forswear, impair, mcnair, midair, moliere, montclair, o'hare, pierre, prepare, repair, sinclair, swissair, unfair, voltaire.
  2. aer, billionaire, debonair, disrepair, doctrinaire, icelandair, javier, millionaire, questionnaire, solitaire, unaware, usair.
  3. air, baer, bahr, bair, bare, bear, blair, blare, care, chair, cher, clair, claire, clare, dare, darr, derr, err, eyre, fair, faire, fare, fer, ferre, flair, flare, gair, gare, gehr, glare, guerre, hair, hare, hehr, heir, herr, kehr, khmer, lair, lare, lehr, mair, maire, mare, mer, nair, ne'er, pair, pare, pear, prayer, sare, sayre, scare, serr, share, skare, snare, spare, square, stair, stare, swear, tear, terre, their, there, they're, ware, wear, werre, where.
  4. concessionaire.
  5. multimillionaire.

Idioms for rare:

  1. have a rare old time
  2. rare bird
  3. in rare form
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