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What does the abbreviation rate mean?

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What are the translations for rate?

Arabic word for Rate


Bengali word for Rate


Chinese words for Rate

利率, 利息, 税率, 差饷.

Dutch words for Rate

snelheid, waarderen, rangschikken, tarief, cijfer, prijs, koers, vaart, graad, proportie.

French words for Rate

noter, estimer, taux, prix, rythme, cadence, classer, coter, être classé, valeur, juger, vitesse, quota, train, montante.

German words for Rate

Anteil, bewerten, Tarif, Satz, Kurs, Quote, Takt, Rate, Wechselkurs, Grad, gewichten, Zinssatz, Zahl, Devisenkurs, Frequenz, Steuersatz, Kostensatz, Gebührensatz, Zins, Einzeltarif, Kommunalsteuer, einstufen, Volumen, Schatten.

Greek word for Rate


Hindi word for Rate


Italian words for Rate

passo, valore, tasso, prezzo, percentuale, tariffa.

Japanese words for Rate

率, レート, そくど, たつりつ, わりあい, 割り合い, 達率.

Javanese word for Rate


Malay word for Rate


Marathi word for Rate


Polish words for Rate

poziom, stawką, proporcja, taryfa.

Portuguese words for Rate

taxa, avaliar, classificar, imposto, intensidade, taxar, velocidade, percentagem, teor, alíquota, porcentagem.

Romanian word for Rate


Russian words for Rate

скорость, ставка, тариф.

Spanish words for Rate

tasa, tipo, precio, ritmo, tarifa, calificar, clasificar, considerar, cuota, porcentaje, paso, valor, importe, mate, grado, marcha, valorar, caudal, índice, velocidad, frecuencia, coeficiente.

Swedish word for Rate


Turkish words for Rate

kadar, oran.

Ukrainian word for Rate


Vietnamese word for Rate

tốc độ.