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How To Spell ratification?

Correct spelling: ratification

Definition of ratification:

  1. The act of ratifying; confirmation.

List of misspellings for ratification:

  • ramafication,
  • notiification,
  • radification,
  • sastifaction,
  • adification,
  • gradifiction,
  • rattification,
  • spetification,
  • satiafaction,
  • gradtification,
  • gatification,
  • noticication,
  • noticifcation,
  • madification,
  • gratifcation,
  • gratificaion,
  • noticfication,
  • notfication,
  • jutification,
  • ceritfication,
  • satsfication,
  • notifaction,
  • gradivication,
  • noitifcation,
  • satifaction,
  • cetification,
  • gratificaton,
  • gradification,
  • notifiction,
  • crucifiction,
  • surtifaction,
  • satfaction,
  • satification,
  • satifiction,
  • ertification,
  • cretification,
  • certficiation,
  • ratifcation,
  • reuification,
  • graduatification,
  • reuntification,
  • natification,
  • butification,
  • satificatio,
  • satifactioly,
  • stifaction,
  • motification,
  • ramifcation,
  • artifictial,
  • satafiaction,
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  • satifcation,
  • sratification,
  • strartification,
  • ceritifaction.

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Examples of usage for ratification:

  1. But it is now generally admitted, even by those who adopt the narrowest political theories, that legal rights are merely the ratification of moral rights already existing, and that the creation of new legal rights for securing the just aspirations of ill- protected classes of the people belongs to the ordinary daily duties of all civil government. – Contemporary Socialism by John Rae

Quotes for ratification:

  1. But let her remember, that it is in Britain alone, that laws are equally favourable to liberty and humanity; that it is in Britain the sacred rights of nature have received their most awful ratification.

Rhymes for ratification:

  1. agglomeration, disinflation, falsification, oscillation, remediation, laceration, overpopulation, elaboration, sequestration, prostration, intoxication, creation, participation, incrustation, domestication, distillation, visualization, recommendation, trepidation, desperation, exhumation, ionization, commercialization, exhilaration, precipitation, ostentation, hallucination, excavation, rectification, maximization, purification, personalization, donation, adaptation, nullification, calibration, reconciliation, examination, constellation, fumigation, rumination, reforestation, compensation, excommunication, continuation, operation, marginalization, conjugation, disintegration, authorization, inclination, emancipation, inhalation, recrimination, regeneration, cancellation, intimidation, initiation, expatriation, reformation, subsidization, nucleation, inundation, commemoration, conglomeration, sarmatian, reverberation, desolation, normalization, aggravation, profanation, investigation, mechanization, modernization, consolidation, confrontation, pontification, electrification, specialization, corporation, derivation, alienation, transplantation, connotation, reincarnation, implantation, restoration, optation, illustration, agitation, illumination, toleration, avocation, separation, dissociation, quantification, machination, emanation, isolation, fabrication, reallocation, preoccupation, expectation, affrication, demarcation, stagflation, denunciation, rotation, importation, flotation, salvation, exaggeration, desegregation, authentication, criminalization, consummation, reinvigoration, categorization, hesitation, organization, tribulation, imputation, resuscitation, transportation, compilation, ossification, presentation, coordination, disqualification, liquidation, orientation, reclassification, mitigation, vilification, inhabitation, emulation, deregulation, industrialization, destabilization, syndication, fixation, allocation, instigation, demoralization, implication, differentiation, dramatization, maturation, segregation, misappropriation, molestation, renegotiation, condemnation, collectivization, elation, mutation, demonstration, ovation, animation, proration, eradication, disembarkation, termination, palpitation, dilatation, ornamentation, cogitation, denomination, hydrogenation, deportation, humiliation, relaxation, refutation, articulation, indoctrination, refrigeration, fragmentation, exacerbation, variation, narration, transformation, disputation, dispensation, stipulation, insulation, intimation, socialization, contamination, proclamation, invalidation, retaliation, collaboration, neutralization, incrimination, consecration, concatenation, taxation, notification, devaluation, punctuation, misinformation, infestation, prefabrication, pasteurization, delineation, expiration, unification, codification, starvation, pollination, personification, misinterpretation, conversation, cohabitation, culmination, urbanization, monopolization, alteration, revaluation, ordination, manipulation, exploration, filtration, revocation, magnification, modulation, fibrillation, facilitation, liberation, indexation, ligation, vacillation, installation, consultation, amalgamation, edification, frustration, meditation, sedation, jubilation, undervaluation, impersonation, fermentation, self-congratulation, observation, misapplication, pacification, granulation, realization, reservation, delegation, affectation, computation, expropriation, affirmation, indication, levitation, verification, cultivation, mummification, approximation, decoration, procrastination, certification, medication, relation, insemination, fertilization, repudiation, exclamation, assimilation, inspiration, nitration, replication, improvisation, dislocation, equitation, reconfirmation, vacation, miseration, reiteration, revitalization, denationalization, demodulation, probation, immigration, anticipation, gyration, harmonization, coagulation, deforestation, dalmatian, invocation, appellation, reparation, validation, centralization, gratification, dehydration, misrepresentation, relocation, overvaluation, defamation, remuneration, ministration, inoculation, inflammation, echolocation, cooperation, privatization, detonation, irradiation, interpretation, protestation, qualification, crustacean, negotiation, mediation, indemnification, lactation, vegetation, approbation, recitation, desalination, confabulation, coronation, decertification, unionization, translation, discontinuation, designation, confiscation, magnetization, incarceration, instrumentation, infiltration, foliation, limitation, sanitation, organisation, fluctuation, globalization, miscalculation, gradation, suburbanization, recertification, communication, indignation, complication, desalinization, gastrulation, education, polarization, corroboration, nondiscrimination, depravation, specification, triangulation, formulation, divination, rehabilitation, arbitration, contemplation, interrogation, adoration, elongation, moderation, congregation, regulation, adulation, civilization, documentation, decontamination, libration, democratization, premeditation, hyperinflation, congratulation, orchestration, prognostication, extrapolation, flirtation, simulation, victimization, pressurization, nationalization, pigmentation, reaffiliation, saponification, annexation, vocation, preparation, preservation, revelation, origination, dehumanization, christianization, disorientation, temptation, justification, hibernation, allegation, renovation, computerization, menstruation, gestation, demonization, titillation, diversification, colonization, violation, combination, generalization, negation, disinformation, proliferation, popularization, solicitation, depopulation, reflation, gentrification, modification, conservation, ventilation, mobilization, registration, radiation, determination, amputation, irrigation, embarkation, alleviation, formation, subluxation, localization, permutation, decentralization, obfuscation, appalachian, reconfiguration, litigation, aviation, recantation, location, liberalization, intonation, demobilization, amortization, convocation, multiplication, standardization, dissertation, fortification, detoxification, tabulation, population, evaporation, federation, ejaculation, inauguration, ovulation, amplification, integration, identification, incorporation, securitization, corp, representation, telecommunication, assassination, exhalation, ramification, appreciation, propagation, pagination, emigration, segmentation, graduation, vindication, incoordination, application, estimation, reclamation, vulgarization, mineralization, politicization, summation, confederation, provocation, destination, sedimentation, annihilation, escalation, speculation, implementation, insubordination, degeneration, incubation, communization, disinclination, fluoridation, migration, nonproliferation, devastation, clarification, recalculation, advocation, impregnation, legalization, coloration, characterization, depreciation, invitation, deviation, manifestation, sterilization, recreation, enumeration, calculation, glorification, explication, obligation, damnation, stabilization, notation, procreation, stalinization, dissemination, dictation, renomination, sophistication, classification, annotation, reaffirmation, infatuation, perforation, renunciation, utilization, miscreation, rededication, hydration, regimentation, miscommunication, dedication, strangulation, deification, naturalization, exasperation, excitation, legislation, accumulation, imitation, reinterpretation, glaciation, malformation, deliberation, russification, disorganization, rejuvenation, publication, evaluation, sensation, suffocation, hybridization, association, sanctification, reunification, discrimination, evacuation, augmentation, consternation, redecoration, inactivation, correlation, appropriation, balkanization, deceleration, automation, miniaturization, inflation, exfoliation, backwardation, concentration, confirmation, situation, privatisation, oxidation, duplication, exoneration, recuperation, cremation, innovation, exhortation, intensification, usurpation, optimization, elevation, repatriation, information, simplification, substantiation, respiration, depredation, equalization, commendation, reorganization, rehydration, aspiration, incarnation, germination, affiliation, extermination, constipation, vibration, experimentation, domination, insinuation, desiccation, foundation, irritation, explanation, westernization, nomination, evocation, oration, exploitation, altercation, generation, perpetuation, predestination, duration, degradation, reauthorization, plantation, resignation, habitation, adjudication, hospitalization, pronunciation, privation, bifurcation, immunization, visitation, celebration, consideration, deprivation, reputation, fascination, reconsideration, reevaluation, occupation, amelioration, rationalization, misidentification, gasification, motivation, figuration, valuation, perturbation, admiration, gravitation, imagination, elimination, stagnation, equivocation, capitulation, conciliation, vaporization, saturation, transillumination, perspiration, dilation, deflation, mutilation, masturbation, vaccination, lubrication, declaration, incantation, reexamination, deformation, horatian, decapitation, discoloration, desecration, navigation, conflagration, stimulation, quotation, incapacitation, croatian, argumentation, consolation, subordination, configuration, dissipation, retardation, indentation, condensation;
  2. ration, nation, station, haitian;
  3. castration, cessation, cetacean, causation, alsatian, citation, carnation;
  4. accusation, abrogation, activation, aberration, abdication, acclimation;
  5. accommodation, abbreviation, abomination, accreditation, acceleration;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for ratification:

Afrikaans word for Ratification


Bengali word for Ratification


Dutch words for Ratification

ondertekening, bekrachtiging, ratificatie, inwerkingtreding, ratificering.

French word for Ratification


German word for Ratification


Greek word for Ratification


Hindi word for Ratification


Italian words for Ratification

ratificare, ratificazione.

Japanese word for Ratification


Korean word for Ratification


Malay word for Ratification


Norwegian word for Ratification


Polish word for Ratification


Russian word for Ratification


Tamil word for Ratification


Turkish word for Ratification


Ukrainian word for Ratification


Vietnamese word for Ratification

phê chuẩn.