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How To Spell rattle?

Correct spelling: rattle

What is the definition of rattle?

  1. make short successive sounds

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What are the usage examples for rattle?

  1. The rattle of keys and the clanging of the door!

What are the rhymes for rattle?

  1. prattle, chattel, battle, cattle, tattle, that'll, brattle;
  2. embattle, seattle;

What are the translations for rattle?

Arabic word for Rattle


Bengali word for Rattle

খনখন শব্দ.

Chinese word for Rattle


Dutch words for Rattle

rammelen, rinkelen, ratel, rammelaar, ratelaar, ratelen, gerinkel, geratel, reutel, gerammel, van slag maken, nerveus maken.

French words for Rattle

secouer, hochet, cliqueter, claquer, battement, cliquetis, crécelle, vibrations, cascabelle, faire trembler, ferrailler.

German words for Rattle

klirren, Ratsche, Knarre, rasseln, Rassel, klappern, Knattern, Klapper, Geknatter, Geklapper, Klappergeräusch, Gerassel, Geröchel, Geklirr, Röcheln, Geratter, scheppern, rattern, rappeln.

Hindi word for Rattle


Italian word for Rattle


Japanese word for Rattle


Korean word for Rattle

덜거덕 소리.

Malay word for Rattle


Norwegian word for Rattle


Polish word for Rattle


Portuguese words for Rattle

aborrecer, abalar, ruído, irritar, chocalho, guizo, matraca, chocalhar, algazarra, atrapalhar, celeuma, chacoalhar, barulheira, rela, tagarela, fazer algazarra, fazer vibrar, fazer ressoar, fazer barulho, chocalhada.

Russian words for Rattle

погремушка, трещотка, дребезжать, стук, скрежет, хрип, бряцать.

Spanish words for Rattle

confundir, agitar, aturdir, sonar, desconcertar, sacudir, temblar, incomodar, roca, sonajero, traqueteo, cascabel, sonaja, alarido, tamborileo.

Swedish word for Rattle


Turkish word for Rattle


Vietnamese word for Rattle

tiếng lạch cạch.