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Correct spelling: reality

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What does the abbreviation reality mean?

REALITY abbreviation definitions:
–  realities
–  Rhymes Equal Actual Life in the Youth

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Quotes for reality:

  1. I want to be like the patron saint of reality.
  2. They reality is that we have 70% of our voters use a punch card system that I tried to change and that bipartisan resistance in the legislature stopped.
  3. It is advertising and the logic of consumerism that governs the depiction of reality in the mass media.
  4. As the game enters its glorious final weeks, the chill of fall signals the reality of defeat for all but one team. The fields of play will turn brown and harden, the snow will fall, but in the heart of the fan sprouts a sprig of green.
  5. I'm not very interested in charting a day -to -day familiar reality. I'm always looking for territory in which to explore the BIG subjects, the life -or -death stories.