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What are the rhymes for rear?

  1. ear, fleer, geer, shere, mir, peer, sphere, frere, cyr, steer, wier, near, stear, sear, gier, meir, tear, teer, jeer, deer, sere, speir, greer, pier, bere, shear, blear, lear, smear, sheer, mere, fear, beer, veer, kier, sneer, clear, deere, gere, nir, neer, we're, hear, dear, kear, fier, leer, speer, spear, vere, cleere, cheer, mear, here, gear, year;
  2. austere, appear, severe, career, lazear, rainier, unclear, adhere, frontier, premiere, premier, sameer, zaire, vizier, revere, emir, dornier, cashier, veneer, yasir, samir, shamir, rehear, sincere, zahir, wazir, lanier, inhere, amir;
  3. domineer, pamphleteer, charpentier, pioneer, volunteer, persevere, chevalier, rensselaer, commandeer, racketeer, engineer, cavalier, souvenir, interfere, chandelier, brigadier, bandolier, auctioneer, overhear, disappear, financier, reappear, gondolier, insincere, bombardier, mutineer, belvedere, profiteer;
  4. conventioneer, electioneer, reengineer;

What are the translations for rear?

Afrikaans word for Rear


Bengali word for Rear


Dutch words for Rear

oprichten, kweken, rug, achterkant, stichten, achterzijde, grootbrengen, opvoeden, achterste, achterhoede, fokken, oprijzen, rugzijde, achtergedeelte, rugkant, achterstuk, steigeren.

French words for Rear

verso, fesses, se cabrer.

German words for Rear

aufziehen, Fond, Heck, hintere, erziehen, großziehen, sich aufbäumen, Queue, Hintern, Hinterseite, hinterer Teil, Nachhut, Wagenfond, rückseitig, hinteres, hinterer, Cola.

Italian word for Rear


Japanese words for Rear

リア, 後部, 背面, リヤ, 後ろ, 後列, 背後, 裏手, うしろ, あと, はぐくむ, 尻, こうぶ, 後ろ手, はいご, でんぶ, 育てあげる, 養い育てる, やしなう, こうれつ, うしろで, 育て上げる, うしろ手, しんがり, けつ, うらて, 殿.

Javanese word for Rear


Malay words for Rear

Belakang, Arka.

Norwegian word for Rear


Polish words for Rear

tylny, zadni.

Portuguese words for Rear

dianteiro, traseiro, traseira, posteriores, retaguarda, traseiras, parte posterior, de trás.

Romanian word for Rear


Russian words for Rear

задний, тыловой, задняя часть, тыл, зад, хвостовая часть.

Spanish words for Rear

criar, educar, posterior, espalda, trasera, edificar, trasero, retaguardia, parte posterior, encabritarse, culo, parte de atrás.

Tamil word for Rear