How To Spell reason?

Correct spelling: reason

What is the definition of reason?

  1. present reasons and arguments

What does the abbreviation reason mean?


Reason as a boy's name.

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What are the rhymes for reason?

  1. season, treason;

What are the translations for reason?

Afrikaans word for Reason


Chinese words for Reason

理由, 原因, 故, 因由, 合理性, 来由, 常情, 人情, 缘由, 情理, 来头, 缘故, 理智, 事理, 说理, 由头, 名堂, 理儿.

Dutch words for Reason

aanleiding, motief, redeneren, oorzaak, beredeneren.

French words for Reason

motif, raison, cause, raisonner, conclure, logique.

German words for Reason

begründen, folgern, argumentieren, logisch denken, Motiv, Rede, Ursache, Grund, Anlass, schließen, schlussfolgern, erörtern, durchdenken, vernünftig reden, vernünftig urteilen, Motivation, Veranlassung, Beweggrund, Verstand, Argument, Hinderungsgrund, Vernunft, Ratio, gesunder Verstand, reden.

Italian word for Reason


Japanese words for Reason

理性, 事由, 由来, つけ, 理, 道理, 前提, 故, 筋合い, 理屈, 付け, すじ, 訳合い, りくつ, ツケ, 所以, 原由, 筋目, いちぎ, とききかせる, 筋道, 理り, 謂れ, けつろんづける, 訳柄, わけあい, 筋, 結論付ける, すじみち, じょうり, じゆう, りゆう, とほう.

Javanese word for Reason


Malay word for Reason


Norwegian word for Reason


Polish words for Reason

rozum, powód, przyczyna.

Portuguese words for Reason

raciocinar, cogitar.

Russian word for Reason


Spanish words for Reason

considerar, causa, motivo, sentido, fundamento, lógica, cordura, razonar.

Swedish word for Reason


Turkish word for Reason