How To Spell reception?

Correct spelling: reception

What is the definition of reception?

  1. the act of receiving

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What are the translations for reception?

Afrikaans words for Reception

bereik, ontvangs.

Bengali word for Reception


Chinese word for Reception


Dutch words for Reception

ontvangst, onthaal, opvang, balie, signaal, receptie, inontvangstneming.

French words for Reception

accueil, réception.

German words for Reception

Anmeldung, Aufnahme, Annahme, Erhalt, Empfang, Entgegennahme, Begrüßung, Feier, Rezeption, Zuspruch, Gratulationscour, Empfangsbereich.

Italian words for Reception

accettazione, ricezione, accoglienza, ricevimento.

Japanese words for Reception

レセプション, 収容, 応接, 受容, 接遇, リセプション, せったい, きょうじゅ, あしらい, せっきゃく, 頂戴, しゅうよう, せつぐう, かんげい, ちょうだい, しゅうとく, 口当たり, 収受, 帳場, 収得, たいぐう, 待遇, 交歓会, 摂待, しゅうじゅ.

Javanese word for Reception


Korean word for Reception


Malay word for Reception


Marathi word for Reception


Norwegian word for Reception


Polish words for Reception

otrzymanie, odbiór, przyjmowanie, recepcja, otrzymywanie, bankiet.

Russian words for Reception

получение, приём, стойка администратора, приёмная, рецепция, стойка регистрации.

Spanish words for Reception

ingreso, cobertura, recibo, bienvenida, acogida, banquete, recibimiento.

Turkish word for Reception


Ukrainian word for Reception

стійка адміністратора.

Vietnamese word for Reception

khu tiếp tân.