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How To Spell recitation?

Correct spelling: recitation

What are the misspellings for recitation ?

  • regerstation,
  • redircetion,
  • resotation,
  • frustation,
  • repitition,
  • rientation,
  • crostation,
  • relatsion,
  • restitition,
  • regiatartion,
  • recussitation,
  • resusitation,
  • resitution,
  • recorditation,
  • rentivation,
  • restiction,
  • hesistation,
  • kerrstation,
  • raditation,
  • repitation,
  • facitilation,
  • restration,
  • resescitation,
  • retaiation,
  • visistation,
  • receiption,
  • presitation,
  • repitution,
  • viisitation,
  • resigtration,
  • resusatation,
  • resighation,
  • rediation,
  • resation,
  • resentation,
  • recieption,
  • frustasion,
  • recusitation,
  • resistration,
  • repuitation,
  • reciption,
  • resucitation,
  • recitiation,
  • regerstartion,
  • robitussion,
  • frustuation,
  • regestartion,
  • precipatation,
  • registertion,
  • rotatation,
  • resavation,
  • receation,
  • reciation,
  • redistration,
  • relatetion,
  • precioitation,
  • persstation,
  • resumition,
  • readiation,
  • ratation,
  • resination,
  • restoartion,
  • restortation,
  • resusciation,
  • decidation,
  • esituation,
  • resusucitation,
  • repeitition,
  • restoation,
  • reutation,
  • repitishion,
  • reuptation,
  • realistation,
  • registation,
  • ascertation,
  • preciipatation,
  • registartion,
  • regristation,
  • remidation,
  • resgitration,
  • recintion,
  • remedation,
  • routation,
  • resivation,
  • ressusitation,
  • recereation,
  • repostition,
  • reptation,
  • reinstalation,
  • resotration,
  • resacitation,
  • repeatation,
  • resigation,
  • prosituation,
  • resisitration,
  • decidtion,
  • hesiatation,
  • resitation,
  • remidiation,
  • radiostation.

What is the definition of recitation?

  1. The act of reciting; rehearsal; repetition of words or sentences.

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What are the quotes for recitation?

  1. But the gravest difficulty, and perhaps the most important, in poetry meant solely for recitation, is the difficulty of achieving verbal beauty, or rather of making verbal beauty tell.
  2. The first epics were intended for recitation; the literary epic is meant to be read.
  3. A compelling story, even if factually inaccurate, can be more emotionally compelling than a dry recitation of the truth.
  4. The function of Theology? The recitation of the incomprehensible by the unspeakable to pick the pockets of the unthinking.

What are the rhymes for recitation?

  1. discontinuation, certification, masturbation, generation, presentation, ministration, annihilation, consternation, incarceration, reorganization, mummification, hallucination, instrumentation, incrustation, magnification, appreciation, admiration, preservation, cremation, equalization, expropriation, categorization, avocation, sedimentation, connotation, appalachian, elongation, preparation, vulgarization, conciliation, starvation, exhumation, observation, characterization, narration, medication, delegation, clarification, fixation, application, amortization, disorientation, computation, divination, fertilization, regimentation, telecommunication, invitation, coagulation, depreciation, exacerbation, vacation, restoration, titillation, commemoration, cancellation, evocation, deification, impersonation, ventilation, computerization, edification, annexation, concentration, generalization, germination, collectivization, gasification, procreation, participation, dilation, popularization, emigration, documentation, denomination, degradation, detonation, indexation, demarcation, constipation, registration, dehydration, extermination, disorganization, information, pasteurization, transportation, expectation, affirmation, undervaluation, vaccination, incoordination, toleration, amputation, rededication, evacuation, reparation, escalation, criminalization, articulation, vaporization, overvaluation, specification, justification, deportation, extrapolation, destabilization, destination, liberalization, allocation, reformation, elevation, agglomeration, compilation, domination, ostentation, purification, authentication, ejaculation, backwardation, denunciation, complication, exoneration, agitation, continuation, segregation, facilitation, evaporation, bifurcation, pollination, equitation, simplification, sarmatian, corroboration, education, exclamation, incrimination, inflammation, gyration, adjudication, immunization, ovulation, neutralization, maturation, exploitation, excavation, association, amelioration, insinuation, negation, authorization, obligation, lactation, embarkation, mutation, calculation, classification, suburbanization, repatriation, gestation, damnation, inhalation, declaration, rationalization, electrification, hibernation, crustacean, proliferation, exaggeration, location, hospitalization, disqualification, proclamation, hydration, duration, modulation, simulation, deregulation, reclassification, accumulation, democratization, infatuation, insubordination, recreation, ligation, visitation, colonization, flirtation, dehumanization, demoralization, modernization, dalmatian, summation, resuscitation, federation, renunciation, fermentation, consolidation, corp, magnetization, exasperation, demodulation, rejuvenation, contemplation, consideration, emanation, notification, pontification, provocation, integration, separation, importation, harmonization, permutation, legislation, experimentation, corporation, incorporation, indoctrination, vindication, civilization, congratulation, dislocation, validation, proration, nitration, animation, pigmentation, revocation, transillumination, prostration, decoration, glorification, salvation, menstruation, misinformation, emancipation, rehabilitation, confederation, exfoliation, frustration, automation, remuneration, reevaluation, fibrillation, relation, disintegration, speculation, hyperinflation, retaliation, hydrogenation, reconfirmation, motivation, dramatization, vilification, misinterpretation, saponification, irradiation, termination, russification, deprivation, legalization, improvisation, innovation, diversification, reconciliation, subluxation, amalgamation, arbitration, levitation, consolation, detoxification, stimulation, codification, demonization, conglomeration, self-congratulation, orchestration, sanitation, decontamination, incapacitation, reverberation, calibration, liquidation, imagination, indication, ramification, aggravation, amplification, condemnation, navigation, perspiration, intoxication, dissertation, origination, stagflation, contamination, transplantation, alteration, stalinization, renegotiation, intonation, commendation, representation, flotation, appellation, culmination, annotation, miscalculation, fabrication, convocation, discrimination, inspiration, delineation, indemnification, assimilation, incantation, vacillation, taxation, dispensation, gradation, emulation, strangulation, personification, reaffiliation, valuation, reincarnation, decapitation, commercialization, constellation, stagnation, desalinization, oscillation, renomination, deceleration, coloration, approbation, appropriation, ordination, socialization, monopolization, revelation, humiliation, industrialization, christianization, reservation, gravitation, consummation, coordination, optation, pacification, translation, protestation, ionization, nationalization, litigation, conflagration, reforestation, predestination, mediation, foundation, miscommunication, rumination, invocation, altercation, recuperation, mutilation, imputation, meditation, normalization, distillation, exhortation, discoloration, condensation, perpetuation, reputation, cooperation, horatian, exhalation, quantification, desperation, adulation, maximization, miscreation, misrepresentation, publication, refrigeration, pagination, segmentation, invalidation, reinterpretation, radiation, gastrulation, machination, reconsideration, desalination, habitation, ovation, manipulation, refutation, misappropriation, elimination, desolation, negotiation, misapplication, hybridization, quotation, prefabrication, inhabitation, assassination, organization, ratification, violation, recantation, adaptation, syndication, libration, fluoridation, excitation, explanation, deviation, relocation, celebration, imitation, transformation, excommunication, eradication, disembarkation, designation, population, alienation, inactivation, dedication, molestation, westernization, utilization, deformation, reflation, pronunciation, conjugation, precipitation, foliation, donation, privation, retardation, unification, examination, unionization, propagation, pressurization, approximation, rehydration, demobilization, relaxation, implementation, defamation, confrontation, orientation, confiscation, confabulation, occupation, manifestation, affrication, premeditation, reaffirmation, reexamination, sophistication, conservation, consecration, disinformation, formulation, communication, decentralization, differentiation, inundation, depravation, installation, verification, demonstration, situation, mobilization, irrigation, cogitation, interpretation, revaluation, denationalization, determination, rotation, respiration, affiliation, gentrification, nomination, degeneration, indentation, politicization, consultation, suffocation, incarnation, solicitation, sequestration, dissemination, regeneration, immigration, confirmation, subsidization, redecoration, mineralization, evaluation, fumigation, reiteration, intensification, dictation, figuration, sensation, echolocation, modification, sanctification, cultivation, stabilization, misidentification, resignation, compensation, oxidation, devastation, dissociation, profanation, depopulation, miniaturization, deflation, intimidation, rectification, organisation, devaluation, repudiation, adoration, vibration, graduation, standardization, equivocation, variation, formation, centralization, fluctuation, regulation, communization, congregation, anticipation, remediation, enumeration, operation, argumentation, derivation, personalization, fortification, oration, overpopulation, stipulation, perturbation, concatenation, punctuation, procrastination, balkanization, urbanization, desecration, indignation, exploration, victimization, incubation, notation, deliberation, desegregation, qualification, inclination, granulation, securitization, mitigation, infestation, nondiscrimination, falsification, palpitation, malformation, preoccupation, dilatation, polarization, fascination, configuration, prognostication, recrimination, vegetation, temptation, filtration, disinflation, croatian, recalculation, nullification, identification, exhilaration, reconfiguration, privatisation, duplication, usurpation, expiration, privatization, insemination, multiplication, reunification, replication, infiltration, subordination, desiccation, recertification, laceration, investigation, expatriation, tribulation, fragmentation, ornamentation, inoculation, trepidation, aviation, inflation, jubilation, elaboration, intimation, coronation, sedation, impregnation, decertification, substantiation, instigation, vocation, capitulation, liberation, revitalization, triangulation, hesitation, conversation, deforestation, disinclination, obfuscation, insulation, perforation, recommendation, irritation, implication, dissipation, inauguration, mechanization, collaboration, initiation, migration, cohabitation, elation, moderation, advocation, plantation, optimization, localization, affectation, reinvigoration, isolation, globalization, reauthorization, disputation, depredation, marginalization, correlation, aspiration, saturation, creation, combination, nucleation, realization, illumination, estimation, interrogation, reallocation, reclamation, renovation, gratification, miseration, probation, visualization, limitation, illustration, explication, augmentation, naturalization, lubrication, specialization, glaciation, allegation, domestication, nonproliferation, sterilization, alleviation, implantation, tabulation, ossification;
  2. haitian, station, nation, ration;
  3. causation, cetacean, cessation, carnation, citation, alsatian, castration;
  4. abrogation, acclimation, accusation, activation, abdication, aberration;
  5. abbreviation, accommodation, acceleration, abomination, accreditation;
  6. acidification, cannibalization, alphabetization, capitalization;
  7. americanization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for recitation?

Afrikaans word for Recitation


Arabic word for Recitation


French word for Recitation


German word for Recitation


Hindi word for Recitation

सस्वर पाठ.

Italian words for Recitation

recitare, recitazione.

Japanese words for Recitation

朗読, 吟唱, 朗読会, 暗誦, 暗唱, あんじゅ, どくしょう, 口誦, 読誦, ろうぎん, どくじゅ, ぎんしょう, 吟誦, 朗吟, うたい, ろうどくかい, 謡, 謡い, ろうどく, 諳誦, レシテーション.

Korean word for Recitation


Malay word for Recitation


Marathi word for Recitation


Norwegian word for Recitation


Polish word for Recitation


Portuguese word for Recitation


Tamil word for Recitation


Turkish word for Recitation

ezberden okuma.

Vietnamese word for Recitation

sự ngâm vịnh.