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How To Spell record?

Correct spelling: record

What are the misspellings for record ?

  • reqiard,
  • reoad,
  • recoard,
  • aregood,
  • recorord,
  • rekeyd,
  • recode,
  • rcorder,
  • recoirds,
  • ricota,
  • reagrd,
  • recorda,
  • rocorded,
  • reard,
  • recuved,
  • recoery,
  • recorde,
  • reford,
  • regurad,
  • regid,
  • requerd,
  • requaird,
  • returd,
  • reccords,
  • reacors,
  • reqad,
  • rhetor,
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  • ricjard,
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  • recove,
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  • remort,
  • reclut,
  • resched,
  • reccond,
  • recordsi,
  • rumord,
  • redard,
  • recert,
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  • secod,
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  • reagard,
  • rezort,
  • keycard,
  • recoeved.

What is the definition of record?

  1. indicate a certain reading; of gauges and instruments; "The thermometer showed thirteen degrees below zero"; "The gauge read `empty'"

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What are the rhymes for record?

  1. sword, cored, poured, hoard, soard, soared, warred, stored, pored, explored, outscored, ward, mord, warde, lord, floored, reboard, reward, forde, shored, restored, nord, snored, fjord, gourd, horde, verwoerd, chord, implored, roared, board, ord, gored, cord, ignored, oared, ford, scored, deplored, bored, toward;
  2. accord, afford, award, adored, checkered, abhorred, eckard, acord, aboard;
  3. untoward, unexplored, underscored, prerecord;

What are the translations for record?

Afrikaans words for Record

verslag, opname.

Arabic word for Record


Bengali word for Record


Chinese word for Record


Dutch words for Record

reputatie, notulen, registreren, vastleggen, noteren, melding, opnemen, boeken, plaat, herinnering, aantekening, optekenen, aantekenen, notuleren, vastlegging, archiefstuk, optekening.

French words for Record

registre, rapporter, constater, noter, article, record, enregistrement, disque, archive, enregistrer, preuve, document, fiche, musical, comptabiliser.

German words for Record

Unterlage, Note, notieren, speichern, erfassen, Verzeichnis, verzeichnen, Aufzeichnung, festhalten, aufnehmen, Aufnahme, Beleg, fixieren, Satz, Erfassung, Platte, Rekord, Datensatz, Eintrag, Schallplatte, Akte, aufzeichnen, dokumentieren, eintragen, protokollieren, Eintragung, Protokoll, Rapport, Dossier, registrieren, Register, Urkunde, Niederschrift, Dokument, Rekordmarke, Bestmarke, Bestleistung, Vorgeschichte, Mitschrift, Höchstleistung, Gerichtsakte, schreiben, mitschneiden, niederschreiben, Tonbandaufnahmen machen, schriftlich niederlegen, Journal, Auto, Album.

Greek word for Record


Hindi word for Record


Italian words for Record

resoconto, registrazione, documentazione, verbale, primato, registro pubblico.

Japanese words for Record

記録, 成績, 履歴, 登載, 過去最大, 録, 記, 録する, せいせき, 書き記す, 音盤, 上せる, 書き止める, りれき, 録音盤, ろく, かきとめる, かきとどめる, とうろく, 書き留める, ろくする, 書きとめる, かきしるす, のぼす, とうさい, おんばん, ろくおんばん, かこさいだい.

Javanese word for Record


Malay word for Record


Marathi word for Record


Polish words for Record

nagranie, rejestr, zapis, wpis, ewidencja.

Portuguese words for Record

recorde, registo, histórico, registar, ficheiro, arquivo, arquivar, passado, testemunhar, inscrever, álbum, ata, repertório, protocolar, discográficas, discográfica, discográficos.

Russian words for Record

запись, рекорд, пластинка, рекордный, протокол, альбом.

Spanish words for Record

nota, captar, apuntar, marcar, registro, récord, disco, antecedentes, registrar, grabar, tomar nota de, archivo, expediente, documento, ficha, historial, copia, gravar, anotar, acta, documentar, testimonio, constancia, plusmarca.

Ukrainian word for Record