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How To Spell recording?

Correct spelling: recording

Definition of recording:

  1. a storage device on which information (sounds or images) have been recorded

List of misspellings for recording:

  • akording,
  • reccording,
  • reggarding,
  • rrgarding,
  • remoding,
  • regardiong,
  • reagarding,
  • accoirding,
  • reocating,
  • reshorting,
  • recrting,
  • rgarding,
  • decodeing,
  • ocording,
  • ragarding,
  • recuriting,
  • regardint,
  • lecurting,
  • regaarding,
  • regardeing,
  • regauarding,
  • recoding,
  • regadring,
  • recordind,
  • regardiing,
  • recordsi,
  • rewrding,
  • regartding,
  • regareding,
  • reocrding,
  • reucurring,
  • regardig,
  • occording,
  • regaridng,
  • recuirting,
  • reportign,
  • revording,
  • recouring,
  • regardinging,
  • reqgarding,
  • reportting,
  • recruing,
  • regardung,
  • rregarding,
  • regardin,
  • rearding,
  • redecorting,
  • reqarding,
  • rectifing,
  • recting,
  • recordedin,
  • rectiting,
  • reoccouring,
  • regardingyour,
  • recurrring,
  • vicodin,
  • regardimg,
  • regardling,
  • reconning,
  • acourding,
  • recordeing,
  • regairdng,
  • rejoycing,
  • recuring,
  • regardingt,
  • recordof,
  • regardining,
  • regarfing,
  • reocuring,
  • recconing,
  • reguardign,
  • acoording,
  • recruting,
  • regdring,
  • reguding,
  • arccording,
  • rickardson,
  • rergarding,
  • regardinf,
  • decorting,
  • ragrding,
  • ricardson,
  • reccuring,
  • redarding,
  • refactoring,
  • receading,
  • reguarding,
  • recueving,
  • regardihg,
  • regardign,
  • reconing,
  • recruitng,
  • regrding,
  • accoarding,
  • recahing,
  • regairding,
  • recodings,
  • reaccoring,
  • regardsing,
  • regurading.

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Alwayz Recording


Record label

Alwayz Recording is a record label, founded by Chipmunk & Maroon in 2008.

Los Angeles Recording School


College in Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Recording School is a private, for-profit college and is a division of the larger Los Angeles Film School. It is located in Hollywood, California.


2015 film

Recording Workshop


School in Chillicothe, Ohio

Recording Workshop is a school that teaches the process of music recording and audio production. It is located seven miles south of Chillicothe, Ohio.

Unique Recording Studios


Unique Recording Studios was a technologically innovative five room recording studio operating in New York City from 1978 until 2004.

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Quotes for recording:

  1. I prefer recording drums in the analog format, but that does not mean I would only do it that way.
  2. And for me the only way to live life is to grab the bull by the horns and call up recording studios and set dates to go in recording studios. To try and accomplish something.
  3. I don't like recording studios- except my own, which is just a little room above the garage.
  4. I think as long as people are around and can hear a record and hear people like Lester Young on a recording, there will always be a great inspiration for somebody to try to create jazz.
  5. I was successful with mediocre material because of a good recording voice that people really liked at that time.

Translations for recording:

Afrikaans word for Recording


Arabic word for Recording


Bengali word for Recording


Dutch words for Recording

bewaring, opslag, registratie.

French words for Recording

enregistrement, inscription.

German words for Recording

Aufzeichnung, Aufnahme, Speicherung, Erfassung, aufzeichnen, Protokollierung, Protokollführung, Beurkundung, Einspielung, Mitschnitt, Tonaufnahme.

Hindi word for Recording


Italian word for Recording


Japanese words for Recording

レコーディング, 書留, 書留め, ふきこみ, かきとめ, 吹き込み, 書き留め, ろくしゅ, 録取, 吹込み.

Javanese word for Recording


Korean word for Recording


Malay word for Recording


Norwegian word for Recording


Polish word for Recording


Russian word for Recording


Spanish words for Recording

registro, disco, grabación.

Swedish word for Recording