How To Spell recoup?

Correct spelling: recoup

What does the abbreviation recoup mean?

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What are the usage examples for recoup?

  1. It is doubtless true that attempts have been made to show that this conclusion is not final, and that there may be resources whereby Nature is able to recoup herself, and to draw upon some bank unknown to us for her missing store. – The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer by John Gerard
  2. The first step in improvement will be so to regulate the tithes that the peasants may not be at the mercy of these " publicans and sinners" who, however, can plead that they have paid highly for appointment to office and must recoup themselves. – Supplemental Nights, Volume 1 by Richard F. Burton

What are the rhymes for recoup?

  1. hoop, whoop, loupe, coop, coupe, koop, swoop, drupe, sloop, stoup, roop, doupe, loup, goop, group, boop, loop, troop, swoope, shoop, croup, droop, dupe, troupe, snoop, lupe, scoop, stoop, houp, soup;
  2. regroup, arup;
  3. guadeloupe, guadalupe;

What are the translations for recoup?

Dutch word for Recoup


German words for Recoup

ausgleichen, ersetzen, wiedererlangen, amortisieren.

Greek word for Recoup


Hindi word for Recoup


Italian word for Recoup


Javanese word for Recoup


Korean word for Recoup

돈을 되찾다.

Romanian word for Recoup


Russian word for Recoup


Spanish word for Recoup


Swedish word for Recoup

ta igen.

Tamil word for Recoup


Ukrainian word for Recoup