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How To Spell reference?

Correct spelling: reference

Definition of reference:

  1. the act of referring or consulting; "reference to an encyclopedia produced the answer"

List of misspellings for reference:

  • recurance,
  • pererverence,
  • preferance,
  • reffence,
  • refrnces,
  • referenceing,
  • remeberence,
  • goverence,
  • referranced,
  • refererences,
  • refernence,
  • forence,
  • preferecence,
  • referenum,
  • refurence,
  • refrane,
  • revelence,
  • referernce,
  • preferenc,
  • perference,
  • revernce,
  • prference,
  • referece,
  • fifference,
  • refreneces,
  • recurence,
  • referehce,
  • perforance,
  • reocurance,
  • prefererence,
  • refferensed,
  • refrances,
  • preferenec,
  • refrernce,
  • refarences,
  • reverance,
  • referanc,
  • referrung,
  • diferense,
  • referenses,
  • refirence,
  • referenece,
  • referencess,
  • refereneced,
  • preferenece,
  • revelency,
  • refernce,
  • perfomrance,
  • revevancy,
  • tranference,
  • diferance,
  • referencible,
  • forebarence,
  • prefrance,
  • refference,
  • refereces,
  • preseverence,
  • refarence,
  • reffernce,
  • prefference,
  • referencies,
  • referen,
  • reerences,
  • perfrmance,
  • referances,
  • refferencing,
  • reffrance,
  • trasference,
  • driffrence,
  • refenrece,
  • refernece,
  • perofrmnace,
  • rerference,
  • perverence,
  • perfrence,
  • erefrence,
  • refferances,
  • refrerence,
  • reasherance,
  • refranced,
  • referecnes,
  • refererence,
  • refence,
  • rerfernce,
  • refreance,
  • referenncing,
  • referencs,
  • remberence,
  • defferince,
  • refrance,
  • refrenece,
  • refrences,
  • repreence,
  • reocurence,
  • refeernce,
  • refrrence,
  • prefereance,
  • refrince,
  • refrence,
  • referance.

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A Stable Reference


Studio album by Labradford

A Stable Reference is the second studio album by the Virginian post-rock band Labradford, released on May 26, 1995 by Kranky.

Reference Island


Island in Canada

Reference Island is one of the uninhabited Canadian arctic islands in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located within Chesterfield Inlet.

Reference Islands


The Reference Islands is a group of rocky islands 2 nautical miles west-northwest of the west tip of Neny Island and 1.5 nautical miles southeast of Millerand Island, lying in Marguerite Bay off the west coast of Graham Land.

Reference Peak


Peak in Antarctica

Reference Peak is a roughly conical peak, 1,030 m, with a steep face to the west near its crest, lying 3 nautical miles south of Amundsen Bay between Mounts Weller and Hollingsworth.

The Spencer Art Reference Library


Public library in Kansas City, Missouri

The Spencer Art Reference Library is a library housed in the Bloch Building of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri in the United States. Its collection of over 260,000 visual arts related resources support the work of the museum.

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Rhymes for reference:

  1. deference, preference;

Translations for reference:

Afrikaans word for Reference


Arabic word for Reference


Chinese word for Reference


Dutch words for Reference

vermelding, verwijzing, referentie, aanbeveling, zinspeling, toespeling.

French words for Reference

mentionner, mention, allusion, indication, faire référence à, référencer.

German words for Reference

Hinweis, Empfehlung, Berufung, Zeugnis, Bezug, Referenz, Verweis, Quellenangabe, Anspielung, Literaturstelle, Arbeitszeugnis, Bezugnahme, Verweisung, Betreff, Aktenzeichen, Erwähnung, Fundstelle, Literaturangabe, Quellennachweis, Literaturhinweis, Literaturquelle, Geschäftszeichen, Belegstelle, Verweisstelle.

Italian words for Reference

riferimento, consultazione, rinvio, richiamo.

Japanese words for Reference

参考, リファレンス, レファレンス, 言及, 照会先, 規準, 参照アクセス, 付託, 參考, 推薦状, さんしょう, さんしょうアクセス, 附託, えんいん, 引照, すいせんじょう, 援引, いんよう, いんしょう, ふたく, しょうかいさき, げんきゅう.

Javanese words for Reference

Ngeterake, Pengamatan.

Korean word for Reference


Marathi word for Reference


Norwegian word for Reference


Polish words for Reference

odniesienie, rekomendacja, referencja.

Portuguese word for Reference


Romanian word for Reference


Russian words for Reference

рекомендация, список литературы, библиография, намёк, образцовая мера, библиографический указатель.

Swedish word for Reference


Ukrainian word for Reference


Vietnamese word for Reference

sự nhắc đến.