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How To Spell reformation?

Correct spelling: reformation

List of misspellings for reformation:

  • redemetion,
  • recormation,
  • reaffrimation,
  • ref9rmation,
  • revokation,
  • foramtion,
  • coformation,
  • renovvation,
  • trasformation,
  • rrformation,
  • redormation,
  • rerormation,
  • reformafion,
  • theinformation,
  • reformstion,
  • tramformation,
  • defromation,
  • imformation,
  • defermation,
  • ransformation,
  • nformaton,
  • moreinformation,
  • reforkation,
  • fomation,
  • nforamtion,
  • reervation,
  • afrimation,
  • reforjation,
  • formashion,
  • retormation,
  • refornation,
  • r4formation,
  • tranformation,
  • reovation,
  • reformtion,
  • refermation,
  • renovwation,
  • resumition,
  • iformtion,
  • r3formation,
  • defermetion,
  • 4eformation,
  • removation,
  • formattion,
  • refo4mation,
  • formasion,
  • cofirmation,
  • reforamtion,
  • corformation,
  • defurmation,
  • refofmation,
  • imfomation,
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  • iformatio,
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  • rdformation,
  • reformantion,
  • formtion,
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  • reformataion,
  • nofrmation,
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  • affrmation,
  • forumation,
  • deframation,
  • redamation,
  • ofemotion,
  • afermation,
  • refotmation,
  • reafirmation,
  • refodmation,
  • refirmation,
  • redemotion,
  • refprmation,
  • reformatin,
  • rinformation,
  • reformating,
  • reformatio,
  • performation,
  • revormation,
  • imformtion,
  • refration,
  • 5eformation.

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This graph shows how "reformation" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for reformation:

  1. Hollends seemed to think the ladies of the League were deeply indebted to him for furnishing them with such a good subject for reformation

Quotes for reformation:

  1. To reform a world, to reform a nation, no wise man will undertake; and all but foolish men know, that the only solid, though a far slower reformation, is what each begins and perfects on himself.
  2. On March 11, 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union, and within a few weeks the full -scale reformation he attempted to carry out both inside his country and in its cold war relations with the West, particularly the United States, began to unfold.
  3. I'd like to write a history, maybe of the Reformation.
  4. Thinking that morality is all about commandments is a relatively new way of thinking, since the Reformation.
  5. A judgment pronounced in accordance with the facts can therefore assign to it an historical place only within that movement of reformation which was brought to a victorious issue by King Josiah.

Rhymes for reformation:

  1. gradation, application, collectivization, implantation, authentication, delegation, dislocation, recitation, damnation, concentration, incarceration, population, misappropriation, intoxication, sequestration, hybridization, distillation, reexamination, narration, modernization, intimidation, deforestation, continuation, dilatation, diversification, telecommunication, polarization, elongation, installation, miscreation, deliberation, exaggeration, plantation, rehydration, differentiation, saponification, backwardation, instrumentation, reclassification, evaluation, denationalization, profanation, discrimination, elaboration, deflation, moderation, respiration, depredation, annexation, oxidation, information, glorification, incorporation, proliferation, characterization, refrigeration, inoculation, proclamation, exasperation, premeditation, visitation, conflagration, emulation, maximization, modification, fluctuation, regimentation, excommunication, rejuvenation, desiccation, estimation, recommendation, regulation, reaffiliation, emancipation, demodulation, resuscitation, specification, dissertation, agitation, sarmatian, condemnation, eradication, alteration, impregnation, subsidization, enumeration, convocation, marginalization, disorganization, defamation, dispensation, presentation, detonation, amelioration, subluxation, disembarkation, demonization, liberalization, gravitation, pigmentation, hyperinflation, reclamation, falsification, relocation, invocation, sanctification, desperation, irrigation, cogitation, reflation, insulation, expiration, disintegration, fermentation, stalinization, justification, misrepresentation, utilization, humiliation, nomination, ornamentation, consummation, segmentation, arbitration, formation, conjugation, adjudication, exploitation, situation, indexation, approximation, decoration, agglomeration, domestication, insemination, hallucination, modulation, exhortation, nullification, personification, preservation, hydrogenation, reservation, fabrication, incoordination, irradiation, location, undervaluation, rededication, emigration, contemplation, congratulation, disorientation, preoccupation, mineralization, sensation, bifurcation, allegation, intimation, desolation, certification, computation, lubrication, gentrification, rehabilitation, argumentation, animation, consolation, importation, elimination, equalization, triangulation, dissemination, saturation, unification, cremation, refutation, discontinuation, correlation, affirmation, appellation, procrastination, libration, medication, civilization, exfoliation, rotation, coordination, annotation, indoctrination, expatriation, reinterpretation, corroboration, localization, publication, urbanization, devastation, frustration, foliation, ossification, clarification, deification, inauguration, experimentation, confirmation, misapplication, initiation, ramification, vacillation, dramatization, decertification, gasification, depopulation, appalachian, excavation, affectation, overvaluation, oration, configuration, exploration, relaxation, dilation, cooperation, ratification, optation, pollination, contamination, pacification, propagation, repudiation, cancellation, globalization, avocation, discoloration, prostration, transillumination, inhabitation, indication, conglomeration, transformation, demonstration, transplantation, sanitation, elevation, naturalization, flirtation, foundation, mechanization, transportation, visualization, divination, miseration, indemnification, overpopulation, quantification, navigation, dedication, reincarnation, interrogation, irritation, privatisation, stabilization, regeneration, levitation, strangulation, renovation, popularization, operation, termination, mummification, desecration, annihilation, laceration, dictation, extermination, liquidation, perturbation, expectation, tabulation, procreation, deviation, industrialization, documentation, inflammation, degradation, reconciliation, inspiration, investigation, infiltration, retardation, hospitalization, interpretation, duplication, cohabitation, perpetuation, imitation, extrapolation, revelation, exoneration, hibernation, solicitation, indentation, insubordination, isolation, prognostication, vulgarization, elation, pontification, decapitation, standardization, incrustation, centralization, retaliation, titillation, christianization, incarnation, illustration, deformation, amputation, incubation, reverberation, ligation, misidentification, fascination, insinuation, ionization, translation, imputation, masturbation, approbation, embarkation, fortification, resignation, equivocation, mutation, magnetization, desalinization, exhilaration, disinformation, permutation, redecoration, disinclination, dehumanization, reconfiguration, reallocation, usurpation, delineation, escalation, demarcation, constellation, purification, aspiration, pronunciation, migration, adoration, equitation, consternation, qualification, nondiscrimination, trepidation, integration, registration, imagination, immigration, evaporation, salvation, gratification, denomination, declaration, colonization, notation, replication, valuation, litigation, implementation, implication, demobilization, recantation, stagflation, glaciation, disqualification, occupation, securitization, separation, appropriation, optimization, coronation, communization, intonation, privation, altercation, sophistication, edification, demoralization, affiliation, sedimentation, codification, coloration, vilification, repatriation, obligation, calculation, reparation, evacuation, depravation, affrication, examination, invalidation, granulation, disputation, stagnation, automation, multiplication, incantation, deregulation, connotation, appreciation, starvation, preparation, ministration, legalization, violation, orchestration, reconsideration, fibrillation, limitation, oscillation, destination, culmination, neutralization, malformation, vaporization, misinformation, ostentation, simplification, concatenation, cultivation, rumination, croatian, indignation, recuperation, decontamination, nitration, collaboration, radiation, ventilation, association, aviation, harmonization, celebration, proration, recreation, syndication, alienation, electrification, personalization, vindication, anticipation, devaluation, temptation, alleviation, incrimination, nonproliferation, monopolization, participation, explanation, victimization, condensation, reevaluation, compensation, reorganization, reconfirmation, reunification, nucleation, disinflation, ovation, protestation, assassination, explication, revaluation, destabilization, revitalization, donation, determination, maturation, lactation, reauthorization, gyration, representation, organisation, formulation, relation, stimulation, molestation, ejaculation, dehydration, consultation, consolidation, exhalation, politicization, gastrulation, mediation, democratization, desalination, remuneration, precipitation, magnification, gestation, communication, legislation, reforestation, nationalization, hydration, domination, taxation, perspiration, obfuscation, origination, liberation, excitation, inclination, degeneration, crustacean, inundation, corporation, aggravation, dissociation, self-congratulation, perforation, substantiation, combination, simulation, rationalization, recrimination, improvisation, invitation, mobilization, predestination, consideration, provocation, manipulation, russification, suffocation, misinterpretation, probation, exclamation, infatuation, vacation, privatization, consecration, subordination, fragmentation, reaffirmation, innovation, denunciation, facilitation, filtration, adulation, revocation, restoration, pagination, exacerbation, depreciation, graduation, infestation, renegotiation, dissipation, verification, impersonation, inhalation, miscommunication, echolocation, conciliation, validation, computerization, desegregation, punctuation, amplification, fumigation, fertilization, recalculation, negotiation, decentralization, vegetation, generalization, organization, commemoration, fluoridation, jubilation, incapacitation, reiteration, complication, sedation, mitigation, confiscation, toleration, figuration, manifestation, speculation, fixation, flotation, allocation, sterilization, commercialization, intensification, vibration, advocation, identification, stipulation, habitation, accumulation, confabulation, prefabrication, inflation, reputation, augmentation, menstruation, inactivation, mutilation, pasteurization, derivation, designation, observation, deceleration, conversation, constipation, socialization, pressurization, calibration, ovulation, summation, federation, machination, normalization, renomination, duration, hesitation, evocation, criminalization, rectification, authorization, unionization, realization, westernization, variation, classification, education, specialization, negation, confederation, suburbanization, balkanization, expropriation, instigation, admiration, congregation, articulation, meditation, dalmatian, deprivation, assimilation, ordination, detoxification, horatian, miscalculation, immunization, creation, capitulation, notification, compilation, commendation, coagulation, conservation, categorization, recertification, corp, vaccination, miniaturization, quotation, motivation, amalgamation, deportation, vocation, emanation, palpitation, orientation, germination, segregation, confrontation, amortization, adaptation, tribulation, renunciation, remediation, exhumation, illumination, reinvigoration, generation;
  2. station, haitian, ration, nation;
  3. carnation, cessation, castration, cetacean, citation, causation, alsatian;
  4. acclimation, accusation, abdication, aberration, abrogation, activation;
  5. acceleration, accommodation, accreditation, abbreviation, abomination;
  6. cannibalization, acidification, capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for reformation:

Afrikaans word for Reformation


Dutch word for Reformation


German word for Reformation


Hindi words for Reformation

reformat, reformate.

Italian word for Reformation


Javanese word for Reformation


Marathi word for Reformation

सुधारणा करणे.

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