How To Spell regarding?

Correct spelling: regarding

What is the definition of regarding?

  1. Respecting; concerning; related to.

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This graph shows how "regarding" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for regarding?

  1. guarding, harding;
  2. bombarding, retarding, discarding;
  3. disregarding;

What are the translations for regarding?

Afrikaans words for Regarding

aangaande, ten opsigte van.

Arabic word for Regarding


Chinese word for Regarding


Dutch words for Regarding

omtrent, met betrekking tot, betreffende, inzake, in verband met, nopens.

French words for Regarding

pour, sur, concernant, à propos de, à l'égard de, au regard de, pour ce qui est de, afférent à.

German words for Regarding

hinsichtlich, bezüglich, betreffend, bzgl., in Bezug auf, betreffs, bezugnehmend auf, mit Bezug auf.

Greek word for Regarding

αναφορικά με.

Japanese words for Regarding

について, に対し, に対して, に付いて, にたいし, に就て, に就いて, にたいして.

Malay word for Regarding


Marathi word for Regarding


Polish words for Regarding

w sprawie, dotyczący, dot., traktujący.

Portuguese word for Regarding

com respeito a.

Romanian word for Regarding

cu privire la.

Russian words for Regarding

в отношении, относительно, касательно, по поводу, по вопросу, касаемо, по части.

Spanish word for Regarding

en lo que concierne a.

Vietnamese word for Regarding

về việc.