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Spell Check of Relating

Correct spelling: Relating

Definition of Relating:

  1. Having relation or reference; concerning.

Common misspellings for Relating:

relaing, retating, relting, realating, realting, releting, relateing, realing.


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Examples of usage for Relating:

  1. " Why," says the old woman, " to the end that I might reveal to you some secrets relating to love, which I have never discovered to the world." –  by
  2. It would be difficult to find a man in the United States who can, on the instant, without reference to book or note, give so many facts and statistics relating to the social and political history of our country. –  by
  3. Here the incidental music breaks in with talk between Balaustion and Euthukles, in which the former rather tries to excuse herself from relating her reply to Aristophanes. –  by

Quotes for Relating:

  1. I see some some of these other guys, and they're wearing the hats and the jackets and saying the words and they're relating and they're picking. But there's something missing.
  2. With my music, I can express myself so much. A lot of the fans can sense that I'm relating to them something that's quite personal.
  3. It was Dr. King's tireless activism that fostered our modern way of relating to one another.
  4. In the United States, it's the mandate of the FBI to gather information relating to terrorism, go out and collect it, to do the interviews, to do the investigative work.
  5. I can achieve that by personally relating the words that I am saying to something I have known in my life.