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How To Spell religion?

Correct spelling: religion

Definition of religion:

  1. institution to express belief in a divine power; "he was raised in the Baptist religion"; "a member of his own faith contradicted him"

List of misspellings for religion:

  • reilgon,
  • regiion,
  • relagion,
  • riligion,
  • hopyreligion,
  • rieligeos,
  • realigion,
  • religio,
  • religiouns,
  • religons,
  • religuos,
  • religois,
  • religone,
  • leigon,
  • religiious,
  • reagion,
  • reliogions,
  • releigious,
  • relighing,
  • reliacne,
  • religios,
  • religioius,
  • rligion,
  • religuius,
  • relgiious,
  • reliogous,
  • religoins,
  • religioun,
  • reiligon,
  • religens,
  • religional,
  • rligious,
  • relaxaion,
  • reletion,
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  • religoon,
  • realighn,
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  • realizin.

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Babylon Mystery Religion


Book by Ralph Woodrow

Babylon Mystery Religion is a book first published in 1966 and reprinted in 1981 by the Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association. In the book Woodrow draws parallels between ancient Babylonian rituals and those found in the Roman Catholic Church. There are references to Alexander Hislop's book The Two Babylons. Babylon Mystery Religion is now out of print and a second book is available entitled The Babylon Connection? in which Woodrow recants and refutes his views previously presented in Babylon Mystery Religion. An online statement from the author can be found at the website.

New Religion


Album by Primal Fear

New Religion is Primal Fear's seventh full-length album, released on 21 September 2007. Music videos were made for "Fighting the Darkness" and "Sign of Fear".



Studio album by Niagara

Religion is the third studio album by the French pop rock duo Niagara. It came out in 1990 on Polydor. According to Pascale Hamon, on this album the duo sounds "much more muscular" than at the beginning of their career.

The Religion War


Novel by Scott Adams

The Religion War is a 2004 novel by Dilbert creator Scott Adams, and the sequel to his novella God's Debris. This book takes place right before the last chapter of that book.

Western Religion


2015 film

Western Religion is 2015 Wild West feature film by writer-director James O'Brien. It features performances by Claude Duhamel, Peter Shinkoda, and Miles Szanto, among many others in a large international cast.

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Rhymes for religion:

  1. pidgin, smidgen, pigeon;

Translations for religion:

Arabic word for Religion


Dutch words for Religion

godsdienst, religie, geloof, geloofsovertuiging.

German words for Religion

Glaube, Religion, Religionszugehörigkeit, Religionsbekenntnis.

Greek word for Religion


Italian word for Religion


Korean word for Religion


Polish words for Religion

religia, wyznanie.

Portuguese word for Religion


Romanian word for Religion


Russian word for Religion


Spanish words for Religion

creencia, religión, Agama.

Tamil word for Religion


Ukrainian word for Religion


Vietnamese word for Religion

tôn giáo.